CEO of Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana winner of 2018 Global Agriculture Leadership Awards

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The Chief Executive Officer and President of the Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana, Farmer Anthony Selorm K. Morisson, has been honored in India for his invaluable contributions to the development of a virant agribusiness sector in.

The Indian Council for Food and Agriculture conferred on him the 2018 Global Agriculture Leadership Awards for his contribution to food security through advocacy and policy lobbying.

Anthony Morrison was also recognized by the Indian Council for powering African agriculture through visionary leadership.

The citation that accompanied the award presented to him in New Delhi on October 24, 2018 indicated in part that, “the President and CEO of the Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana, is a prominent expert in food security and nutrition and has contributed immensely towards Ghana’s food security plan.

“An expert in a variety of topics ranging from financial, gender inclusive policy , Youth in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness value chain development, this food security and safety specialist is a leading National and West African personality in Agribusiness policy lobbying and advocacy.”

Farmer Morisson as he is affectionately called by his colleagues, is currently the Managing Director of Farm Masters Africa Ltd and the Board Chair of Agriculture Volunteers of Ghana (Avogh).

He has an extensive knowledge of the Agribusiness Industry with over 12 years in the sector and a very proactive advocate. He is also a proud fellow of the African Agribusiness Management Institute.

A famous Agriculture and Agribusiness Motivation Speaker, Farmer Morrison was also the Interim Chairman of West Africa Business Chamber; Founder and Past President of Federation of Young Farmers, Ghana.

He has represented the Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana on many International platforms and was the honorary guest Speaker at the West Africa Trade and Investment Conference in Nigeria.

With extensive knowledge of the Agribusiness Industry, this dynamic farmer was an Expert panelist at the World Conference on Agriculture Health and Nutrition and a panel member at the African Union Caadp Fara session on Biofortified Food at the African Union Special Summit in Gabon.

In 2017, he was awarded the Young Agriculture Personality of the year in Ghana.

Other International and local platforms Farmer Anthony Selorm K Morrison has represented the Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana as a Speaker include: the West Africa Trade and Investment Conference Lagos, Nigeria; and the Africa Economic Forum organized by African Center for Economic Affairs, Ghana;

The others are: Africa Investment Conference on Agribusiness 2018 in Accra Ghana; Speaker on Agriculture at the Ghana economic forum organized by Business and Financial Times in Accra Ghana; and as the Main Speaker at the Ghana Agriculture and Agribusiness Economics conference presented at the World Conference on Agriculture Health and Nutrition.


The company he founded some few years ago, Farm Masters Africa Ltd, provided services such as Contract Farming, Farm Management, Farm Automation, Agricultural Project Management, Agricultural recruitment, Farm Training among others. Further details on the company could be sourced from their website,


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