CEO of West Blue makes a case for stakeholder collaboration in National Single Window

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The Chief Executive Officer of West Blue Consulting, Madam Valentina Mintah, has emphasized the need for stakeholders in trade to work together for the realization of the objectives of the Ghana National Single Window (GNSW) concept. 

According to her there have been long standing perceptions that operators of the concept namely West Blue Consulting and GCNet are playing rivalry even though their works are supposed to be complimentary towards the general objective of the GNSW which aims for collaborations towards a facilitated trading environment in Ghana. The perceived rivalry according to Madam Mintah does not auger well for business hence the call for collaborations.                                   

She stated this last Tuesday when members of the Finance Committee of Parliament paid a working visit to the offices of West Blue Consulting to interact with its management and familiarize themselves with the operations of the firm.                       

“GCNet, West Blue, GHPOHA, Ministry of Finance, Customs, we all need to work together, we all need to identify our documents, the procedures and see how we share this going forward,” Madam Mintah stated in her remarks. 

She noted that the concept has been accepted to some level and that one critical thing that is left for which they must all work towards resolving is the integration of the system to make it completely paperless. 

“The good news is that GPHA has an excellent system in place, GCNet has the system in place, West Blue has it, and Customs as well, we all have to sit down and say ‘how do we do it?’ and the banks are already on the system, so that when I go to the Bank I don’t have to print my receipt and go through traffic to go and show it to somebody at another place. If I have my invoice, if I have my CCTR, I don’t have to print it, everybody should be able to log onto the system and share,” she stated.

 She was optimistic that the proposed collaboration would soon become a reality in the interest of a truly Single Window programme. 

The Committee had earlier paid similar visit to GCNet which is also operating the Single window concept.

A group photograph of Members of the Finance Committee of Parliament and Staff of West Blue Blue Consulting
A group photograph of Members of the Finance Committee of Parliament and Staff of West Blue Consulting

Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Mark Assibey-Yeboah shared the concern that the stakeholders must work together towards the objective especially GCNet and West Blue. “They are doing something good, but I want to see the complimentary efforts of both GCNet and West Blue working together, that’s what we are interested in,” he stated.

He explained that the Committee has set out to meet key stakeholders in trade so as to make a recommendation to Parliament.

“We started by visiting GC Net to find out what they do to increase revenue. Government is key on increasing revenue, according to this year’s budget the target is to increase by 34% on last year’s target, so we are visiting them to see what they are doing to enhance trade to increase revenue.

 “I think both GCNnet and West Blue are complimentary. What I want to say is for them to be working together integrating their networks and operations, it is for our benefit, both of them have contract with the government and they are not going away. GCNet has a contract with government till 2018 and West Blue is till 2010, so they are here, rather they have to integrate their system so that they can really operationalize this Single Window thing, less paper work and everything being electronic. 

“The next thing for us as a Committee is that we’ll be meeting with Customs who sits on top of all these, after customs we’ll meet with the Ministry of Finance, then we can firmly inform parliament on what these agencies do, their supervision by customs and their supervising ministries then as a Committee we can boldly out with a statement,” Dr Assibey Yeboa stated 

Source: Jeorge Wilson Kingson

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