Character Defamation – Wrong Target at Michael Osei Boateng – Brong Ahafo Regional Youth Organizer

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Your first attack was on the allies of Michael Osei Boateng (Pope) at the respective constituencies during the Constituency Elections but you guys failed, yes!! you all failed in your attempts at weakening the base of Pope in the party.

When the Regional Elections drew closer you shifted this to the POPE; the Regional Director Himself but you failed again.

You turned your defamation style to some money from CHAIRMAN BLAY which could not stand. Even wizards or Satan himself would have given up after these unsuccessful attempts at this character assassination attempt at POPE

Remember this attack is not on POPE alone but the Regional level of Brong Ahafo New Patriotic Party. The Youth Wing of the Party will continue to remain united behind our Youth Leaders. Our front is never broken, you failed there too. It is about time people started to sue others for defamation of character.

If it not for mischief, you would Rather report to the investigative agencies than the social media announcement. It will interest you to know that YEA Brong Ahafo is coming out with a flagship program to employ some 1000’s beneficiaries in BA under POPE and his team.

Please tell those pushing you that their agenda has failed. It will not wash. They should bow their heads in shame, they should rather encourage their own colleague rather pulling him down. they are rather tearing the NPP at the Brong Ahafo Regional level apart.

We know them and will come after them in due course. We have spared them quit too long, but we will not consider them tomorrow. This young man (Michael Osei Boateng) is rising and should be supported to move on to help Brong Ahafo NPP especially the Youth.

Apart from Mr. Alfred Ofori Anyeh; Deputy CEO PBC, & immediate past Regional Secretary, tell me which of the President’s Appointee or Party Officers has shown much concern to the needs of Party People (grassroots).

Invisible forces in trouble, Pope is called and he responds, during the just ended limited voters’ registration, the timely response of MICHAEL OSEI BOATENG (POPE) Saved party faithful’s and Electoral Commission from the hands of NDC hooligans at Asutifi North District Electoral Office; Kenyasi. Within few hours, he with the help of Constituency Executives and DCE’s organized the invisible forces to our rescue.

With operations he does best, hate him or like him he has that capability. Under Pope, we’ve seen a united Youth front, a leader willing to sacrifice everything for the Constituency Youth Organizer’s in the Brong Ahafo Region. This is the caliber of person whose hard won reputation you want to paint black, something you have continued to do till date without any progress.

Pope is finishing the unfinished agenda of General Mr. Alfred Ofori Anyeh whom most of us respect so much

Tell your paymasters to work hard and dedicate themselves to the party like Pope to also win support and respect from the party’s grassroots.



Adu Boateng

Asutifi South Youth Organizer



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