Chieftaincy Ministry to facilitate pilgrimage to Holy sites

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The Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs has taken the mandate to facilitate pilgrimage of churches to selected Holy Sites across the World.

The Minister, Samuel Kofi Dzamesi mentioned this at a press briefing at the Information Service Department (ISD) in Accra.

He said the country needs to systematize the pilgrimage programme for effective and efficiency to ensure success and sustainability.

“We need to create the confidence and the believe that the Christian pilgrimage would be successful,” he stated.

He made reference to the Nigerian Christian Pilgrimage which has successfully improved the lives of christians in the country, claiming that can also be achieved in this country.

Dzamesi further indicated, it is wholly acceptable and expected of Christians or believers in Christ to embark on pilgrimage to strengthen their faith and believe.

This according to him, would enhance the values that stress the essence of love, togetherness and also deepen the sense of cohesion for national development.

He indicated that, since the ministry was able to facilitate a pilot pilgrimage successfully last year to Israel, the ministry intends to facilitate another pilgrimage to the same state, but on a much broader scale and within manageable limits.

He stressed on the importance pilgrimage as a critical element in development and as well, means of adding values and ethics to human life.

“We therefore, need to create the vehicle to facilitate and enable as many as adherents as possible to embark on this pilgrimage,” he noted.

The minister reiterated that the ministry, as part of its facilitating effort, would ensure all operators organizing pilgrimages to holy sites meets the necessary requirements.

” we would ensure that all operators undertaking the pilgrimages to the holy sites register with the ministry as well after meeting all the necessary requirements.” he assured.

He, however said, there’s the need to recognize all the bodies organizing the pilgrimage in order to ensure the eligibility of the programme.

“Importantly, this would ensure the image, integrity and dignity of our country is maintained.” the minister stressed.

The christian pilgrimage programme was started last year to create opportunities for the faithfuls to embark on pilgrimage and to ensure the benefits derived impact positively to the society.

He noted the agreed fee per person remains $2700 or its equivalent in cedis with flight , accommodation and meals included.

The significant pilgrimage sessions to be observed during the trip to Israel includes daily bible and meditation at significant sites, worship at  Mount Carmel.

Others includes prayers at Western wall of the temple of Jerusalem, visit the nativity church in Bethlehem, Gesthemane gardens, river Jordan and church of the miracle of Cana.

Source: Eric Nii Aflah Sackey

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