Citizens Alliance petitions Parliament over alleged rigging during referendum on Six New Regions

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A group calling itself Citizens Alliance for Credible Elections (CACE) has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament and the entire legislature to set up an independent inquiry into allegations of rigging during the recent referendum to create six new regions.

“Citizens Alliance for Credible Elections (CACE) taken the pains to analyze and reflect over the just ended referenda held on Thursday, December 27, 2018 as a pre-requisite for the creation of new regions and have come to the firm conclusion that it was a complete sham and a clear mockery of our electoral experience and integrity,” the group wrote in their petition dated January 9, 2019.

“We are accordingly appealing to you to set up a bipartisan committee to investigate it. That notwithstanding, we wish to also appeal to all the relevant stakeholders including: IPAC, IDEG, CDD, MEDIA, CODEO and donor agencies to show better commitment to the protection of our fledgling democracy, the peace and stability in Ghana by calling for the most appropriate actions to be taken to salvage the credibility of our electoral democracy,” the group wrote.

The referendum, which is the first official election conducted by the new Electoral Commissioner (EC) Jean Mensah, has come under intense criticism after secret videos circulated on social media showed EC officials and their accomplices openly thumb-printing ballots multiple times.

The EC set up an investigation into the allegation, but critics say they do not trust the outcome of such an investigation.

CACE listed several malpractices that allegedly characterized the referendum, including Multiple voting, Minors voting, EC officials tampering with ballot papers, among others.

Civil society groups such as CODEO also raised an alarm on the reported rigging.

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