Civil Society Group engages Media on Ghana’s Renewable Energy Act

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A Civil Societal Group – 350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (G-ROC) has engaged the media on its analysis of the Renewable Energy Act, 2011 (Act 832).

The group lauded Vice-President Dr. Mohammadu Bawumia’s call for a change of mindset among Africans if the continent is to be transformed with Renewable energy as the primary source of power.

They called on the Government to honour its manifesto pledge of reviewing the Renewable Energy Act, 2011, Act 832 to attract private sector participation in the production and utilization of Renewable Energy in Ghana.

The group 350 Ghana says it intend to reduce Carbon and contribute the 10% Renewable Energy to Ghana’s energy mix by the year 2030.

They recommends to government to provide a time frame for the development of relevant regulations to enforce the Act. Among other recommendations it said

“Government must develop the necessary regulations or legislative instruments in pursuance of the Renewable Energy Act”

“The Energy Commission must strengthened to discharge its mandate as regulatory body”

“There should be more education on the provisions of the Law to target the private sector participation and compliance”

“The Renewable Energy Fund be managed by a different oversight body from the current board to enhance independent management of the fund”

The group called for the reconsideration of Section (44) subsection (B) on the sustainability of woodfuel production to be looked into due to its effect on the natural ecosystem biodiversity, and that the Energy Commission must be encouraged to focus on other environmental friendly alternatives through research and development and exploration on climate change impacts.

“We are optimistic that government will consider our observations in reviewing the Act so as to obtain maximum benefit from Renewable Energy development”.

Group picture of participants at 350 Renewable Energy media engagement
Group picture of participants at the Media engagement on Renewable Energy

Source: Kwesi Coomson, Parliament

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