Clueless, Arrogant and Fantastically Corrupt Bawumia is upset because his Fraud has been Exposed

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Former President John Mahama gave everybody a voice during his tenure in the belief that, in the din, the right way forward will emerge. He endured a certain amount of nonsense and nastiness and he maturely managed his reactions to the nastiness. He listened politely to his critics including Dr Bawumia and didn’t get defensive. He looked at tensed situations as if he was an observer and always saw his party’s interest and those of his critics ,and because he didn’t feel personal, he reacted as calmly as actors on stage.

Attack John Mahama, and you will only succeed bringing out his humorous antics. I have always admired the way the our northern brothers and sisters “play” their political chess game. They accord each other genuine respect, and always place their cultural values and ethics above politics. This has been my position when it comes to politicians from the northern enclave until Dr Bawumia openly insulted his brother Former President John Mahama for expressing his position on the digital addressing system debate. Mr Mahama always smiled at Dr Bawumia’s insults and accorded him genuine brotherly respect wherever they met to the admiration of their supporters. The insult Dr Bawumia poured on Mr Mahama reminded me of what happened to Richard Nixon and it confirms the assertion that governments are filled with those who can’t forget a slight or resist the impulse to strike back.

The evidence against Dr Bawumia does not look good, and he has not yet released any compelling rebuttal. His response to issues raised by the former President shows that he doesn’t respect anyone and I have never seen him addressing a public issue without abusing anyone. Any sort of disagreement, he rushes to his media cabal frowning his face and wagging his fingers and shouts at his critics and abuses them with hardcore abusive words. Is this how we expect our Vice President who is paid from our taxes to act? His obscene, insensitive comments (which I do not like to repeat here) depict the kind of maturity he has. His Special advisor Gideon Boako, took the insults crusade to another level. He arrogantly. This was what the young told critics of his boss’s economic theories and economic policies of the administration-

“Somebody like Hon. Adongo, he’s now doing his MBA and not even in Economics, Hon. Ato Forson, he’s not even done with his Master’s thesis and they have the effrontery to question Dr Bawumia’s knowledge in economics, he being someone who has done his first degree, Masters, PhD in Economic and has risen to become the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana and has also taught in Universities abroad. Adongo and his colleagues sound pathetic when they openly display their ignorance.”

Meaning, Ghanaians who have not yet acquired their PhD in economics are not qualified to criticise Dr Bawumia or criticise the administration’s economic policies. Boako and his boss are busy inspiring the spirit of errors and corruption that are making Ghanaians including some admirers of the President and his Vice, doubt the integrity they once perceived in the President and his Vice. It is sad that the Vice President and his advisor are making Ghanaians believe in the thesis of Browne that; integrity can be massively overrated” after all. How can we be discussing corruption at BOST, The Presidency, The Finance Ministry, when Mr Incorruptible is in power. It appears that the President, his Vice and the appointees are becoming more and more unworthy of our trust. The Vice President must be told that, whenever we betray a trust, we compromise our integrity- integrity I a prerequisite to credibility. Dr Bawunia and his boss appear unpredictable and weak and are not making decisions on the basis of deeply held values, but on how they feel at the moment. How can Ghanaians trust them.


Young man, just get your Bible and read Proverbs 10:9, which says “He who walks in integrity walks securely, but he who perverts his ways will be found out” Integrity is so crucial to nation building. Mr Boako, PhD etc etc do not build a nation. Col I.K. Acheampong, is still being revered as one of the greatest leaders of our great nation. He was a commercial school graduate but always got his priorities right. He didn’t spend millions of dollars on trivialities to the detriment of the rural folks, he focused on more important national issues. It takes deep reasoning for a leader to push aside useless contracts and focus on provision of basic social amenities for our rural folks. How is this useless digital addressing system going to help the rural folk who still drink water from same water source with animals, who walk miles before he receives 5th class medical treatment, sees vehicles every six months because of bad roads. Curiously, there are those who believe in academic laurels.

But integrity is what we need. Former President Mahama is not a PhD holder in economics but as head of Prof Mills’ economic team, he and his team managed to achieve a single digit inflation point.


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