COC: 4-Day Leaders and Preachers Lectureship Ends

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A four-day seminar for Leaders and Preachers of the Churches of Christ (COC) has come to an end last Thursday with a call on the participants to be cautious about how they generate funds for church activities in their various congregations.

The program which was organised by Howe Church of Christ, Texas, in conjunction with West Coast School of Preaching (WCSP) and the Effiekuma Church of Christ, was themed: “sacrificial giving”, had five speakers made up of three Americans; Bro. Steven Ashckraft, Bro. David Savage and Bro. Tby L. Soechting, and two Ghanaians; Bro. Gyan Kesse and Bro. Charles King Arthur (father of musician Kofi Kinaata).

In his submission, Bro Gyan Kesse, a minister of the gospel with the Accra Road Church of Christ in the Ashanti region, cautioned the participants to always kowtow to the steps by the early Christians by consulting the Holy Bible whenever the need to raise funds in their congregations arises.

“My brethren, Christianity is ordered after a definite pattern so please let’s do bible things in bible ways……indeed the early Christians raised monies for church activities, so we need to ask ourselves “how did they do it”?……. did they give out envelopes to members?…No!….did they give out amounts to the members to pay?… No!, they did not do that, among what they did is what are stated in 1st Corinthians 16:1-2 and 2nd Corinthians 9:6-8…. it was free will giving so why do we want to divert from it?”, he queried.

Bemoaning the rate at which some ministers of the gospel have adopted the denominational churches’ ways of generating funds such as appeal for funds, monthly dues, funeral dues, wedding dues etc, Kesse appealed to them that, “one thing we should note is that, we’ll account for whatever we do in our various congregations on the judgment day so why don’t we just obey the bible’s instructions?…….the Sundays collections are what we must used for church events and activities….the Macedonians that apostle Paul praised gave freely without being forced [2ndCorinthians 8] , so what we need to do is to educate our members on the importance of giving proportionately instead”.

Bro Ashckraft, speaking on the topic “stewardship”, admonished that Christians are stewards of the monies, life and materials they possess and for that matter must use them judiciously and remember to give to God whenever the needs arise.

Referencing Matthew 25:14-30, he said God has given each man specific talents to work with which at the end would be asked to account for them.

Bro. Charles Mensah a minister of the gospel with the Effiekuma COC and an official of the World Bible School, told in an interview that the program is organised annually for leaders, elders and preachers of the gospel to refresh them of what they have learnt in their various bible schools.

“You see, as humans, we are bound to forget things easily and here we are in Ghana being surrounded with many denominational churches, so the probability of the ministers of the true church diverting to some of their unbiblical activities is high, so as bible instructors, we need to always gather them and refresh them”. He urged the participants to go and put what they have acquired to good use.

The event held at the premises of Sekondi College in Sekondi (Western Region), was attended by about 300 participants from about 150 congregations from the Western and Central regions of Ghana. It was moderated by Bro Tachie-Menson.

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