Commissioning Photoshop Projects with shame, the God of John Mahama at Work

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Alhaji Bature (May his gentle soul rest in Peace) on his usual political discussion on Adom TV with Kennedy Agyapong told the NPP that if they don’t apologize to President Mahama and Ghanaians in general their government will never see light no matter how they try to please the good people of Ghana.

The creation story in the Bible showed how powerful God is as an Ominicient God.

God in his own wisdom on the first day created heaven and earth, day and night, followed by plants, water, animals before creating human Adam and Eve to take charge of all his creations.

God did not create Adam and Eve before others because he knew Adam and Eve as humans will have to depend on the environment and all there in for survival.

This shows that even God who is the Almighty plans before executing his agenda.

John Mahama and his administrators after tapping into the modalities God used realized without infrastructure the Economy will continue marking time.

So he decided in his first term as President to focus on providing infrastructure in all sectors in our Economy.

The NDC knew very well that without structures there will be no schools so they focused of the 200 community schools agenda to increase enrollment and give employment to our youths as well as the numerous infrastructure projects on our basic and tertiary campuses.

They knew without hospitals and heath centers our health practitioners will be unemployment and and Health insurance can not be utilized to benefit the poor farmer in Sandema hence massive infrastructure at the heath sector all over the country.

They knew very well that without good roads the poor farmer in Debiso in Western Region whose sweat from his cocoa farm which Nana Addo is using to pay his 110 ministers cannot transport his coacoa from his farm for sale and the ambulance driver in Accra will also be stacked in traffic in circle which could lead to loss of life decided on the construction of the cocoa roads and massive infrastructure on our road networks nationwide.

John Mahama and his NDC knew that without adequate stable power supply industries will fold up and there will be nothing like 1D1F hence that over 4000 megawatts of power added to the national grid to stabilize the delivery of power to the good people of Ghana as well as the Atuabo Gas project.

Mahama and the NDC knew the plight of the teacher in Dafiama and student in Accra concerning the periodic water shortage hence the Wa water project and other numerous water projects across the country.

Mahama knew the plight of the businessman in Ho hence the new air ports across the country and renovating and expansion of the existing ones and make air transportation accessible to all.

We can go on and on and on with projects in all sectors of our Economy which has given life to our country.

When all these infrastructural developments were rapidly taking shapes the Npp were busily criticising making mockery of John Mahama and his government mischievously.

The NPP communicators including Dr Bawumia who was then a serial caller said the projects never existed and made mockery of the projects in the green book as Photoshops.

*Interesting enough, all these projects were started and most of them completed within a period of two years because the first year was wasted by the Npp in the supreme court.*

Today Npp who promised heaven and earth during the 2016 campaign are in government.

A litigation free government for more than one year but they still have absolutely nothing to show.

Even after John Mahama and his government had provided all the needed infrastructure to kick start a vibrant economy our President and his government are still confused and don’t know where to start.

Dr Bawumia after one year in office office still kept on promising until he was admitted to hospital to keep his mouth shut๐Ÿ˜ท.

After a year and three months in office the Npp is still promising instead of focusing on delivery after the 20billion loan they have procured within a period of just a year.

With shame, they initially wanted to start adopting John Mahama’s projects as theirs because they have nothing to show the people of Ghana.

No wonder they claimed ownership of the Ceramic Factory and the Ekumfi Juice factory as part of the 1D1F and started rebranding projects like the community ICT centers, Wa water project and others as their achievements but thank God for the vibrant communicators in the NDC who shot their mischiefs down.

*Yesterday one of John Mahama’s Photoshoped projects, the first ever Naval barracks in Ghana with almost 400 housing units, training ground and offices was commissioned by the Vice President in the mood of shame.*

You could see the cloud of shame all over the NPP politicians who were present at the ceremony because suddenly the Photoshop has become a reality.

*We are told several projects in their hundreds acc are ready for commissioning but have been kept on hold because of the fear of the NDC been credited for their hardwork.*

It even took several call and pressure from the military High command before the government agreed on yesterday’s ceremony.

The God of John Mahama and the NDC is indeed alive and shall continue to expose the elephants no matter how the planned to hide the glories of the NDC government.

2020 is possible but it’s just a matter of time.

*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO*

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