Comparison of Achievements in Rwanda and Ghana – The Hypocrisy of our fake neutrals

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If our intellectuals who claim are neutrals are really worried about our society, there are several burning issues which need their intervention. Their seasonal and selective stance on national issues has contributed to the situation we find ourselves today. Some of these so called neutrals and some attention seekers have started comparing Rwanda’s economic achievements under Paul Kigami, to what we have in Ghana. The main the hail as their hero Paul Kigami, began his economic reconstruction with massive investment in infrastructure. The Rwandan government’s key goal as part of its vision 2020 is to improve the country’s infrastructure in order to bring about significant economic growth. This includes developing the country’s transport links and energy supplies. The administration supported by JICA has targeted the construction of a new Rusumo International bridge and one border post facilities at the Rusumo border between Rwanda and Tanzania. The Kigami administration’s aim is to bring electricity to 35% of households by 2020. Currently it is between 14 and 15 percent, and operating with a distribution system which needs urgent attention in order to accommodate the needs of the country’s growing industrial and public service sectors as well as individual households in the system.

Those neutrals operating as resource personnel and heads of Civil Society Organisations in Ghana who are today hailing Paul Kigami, vehemently condemned the Mahama administration over its concentration on infrastructural development. They shockingly, joined the opposition’s photoshop propaganda and described the Greenbook prepared by the administration as a useless document. We never heard them praise the former administration for adding more megawatts of power to what it inherited, the hospitals they built across the country, the bridges, the railway projects, potable water provision, the interchange, the asphalted roads etc. These neutrals joined the “We don’t eat infrastructure” crusade and rubbished all the associated economic importance with their wicked propaganda and vague economic thesis. In collaboration with Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure through the Rwanda Transport Development Agency, JICA is constructing a new two lane Rusumo Bridge to reduce axle load limit and speed limit from 8 tons and from 5km/h to 30km /h respectively. This on other road measures being implemented by the Rwandan administration were successfully implemented under the Mahama administration.

Economic plans enshrined in Rwanda’s 2017-18 budget focused more on promoting investment in infrastructure growth. The administration according to its plans will focus on construction of the Bugesera International Airport, upgrading Kamembe Airport, improving and sustaining quality of road network through construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of road networks across the country.

What did we see under Mahama? The renovated Kotoka International Airport, the new Ho Airport, the renovated Tamale and Kumasi Airport and other local airports his administration planned to construct before 2020. What about road network in the country and rehabilitation and maintenance of our road network across the country. Those hailing Kigami and rating him above all leaders under our fourth republic, publicly ridiculed these achievements. They focused on that childish mantra; ” we don’t eat infrastructure” and focused their attention on the opposition’s fake cost propaganda instead of pointing out the economic significance of the projects.

According to their Budget for fiscal year 2017/2018, Rwanda planned to pull its domestic revenue to 66 percent to the whole budget plus 17 percent of loans, making the total of 83 percent of its national budget. The remaining 17 percent was expected to come from foreign aid. Compare this policy to what the Mahama administration outlined in its last budget. The decision that some government agencies could borrow on their own strength and pay back the loans through internally generated revenue, decision to reduce domestic borrowing and its revenue collection policy. The neutrals should go back and read the administration’s expenditure policies enshrined in its last two budgets.

You should check and furnish us with family members of Kigami serving in his administration. Sociological analysis indicates that social bonds and kinship plays an important role in corruption. Our so called intellectual neutrals know very well that ideals upheld and practiced by the Akufo-Addo government runs counter to the values and standard of public behaviour of our traditional society yet are quiet and don’t see anything wrong with happenings in this administration. The President has appointed close family members including his daughter to head state institutions and our neutrals still tell us his is as clean as Christ. Today, kinship ties and tribalism and parochial loyalties get precedence in our leaders minds. The first obligation of the President and his team is to their family members, followed by close kin, lineage, or ethic group. Such ties we know are more compelling than administrative rules and procedures. This is not the kind of system Kigami is practicing in Rwanda. This useless phenomenon has led to the emergence of political elites who believe in interest oriented rather than nation oriented programmes and policies. Our neutrals have buried all their academic prowess and are living under the administration’s whims and caprices. Who said Presidents put their hands directly into state coffers when they want to siphon state funds? All corrupt leaders use their friends and family members as stealing conduits and we have thousands of examples across the globe. Most of the recent scandals have been in areas where either purchase policies or prices are controlled by the government. The real issue is freeing the economy from the clutches of misguided government regulations. Are the neutrals ready to help ensure that?

These so called neutrals some who have taken positions in this administration, have started working on the masses expectations by preaching patience sermons to them. To them, you cannot compare an administration’s one and half year to eight or four years. This theory is not only evil, childish and wicked but also primitive. So we should allow the administration to enjoy unlimited space and watch them suffocate the system till we prepare for the next election? Why should one waste his eyes and mind on post and articles authored by these less sophisticated minds. They don’t see anything wrong with the clumsy handling of corruption cases in this government. These are people who vehemently chastised the last administration over frivolous and unsubstantiated corruption allegations including the useless Dubai Hotels story, the former first lady’s alleged warehouse project, fuel stations etc. That is not how intellectuals in Rwanda behave. They have joined the Kigami government to execute its policies and programmes.

Paul Kigami is not facing obstructive challenges from fake neutrals in Rwanda. Most developed nations including Singapore, Malaysia etc reached their apex under dictators. The United States, Britain etc all suppressed rights of blacks and other races at a point. Rwanda is a democratic state on paper..practically, the masses are not enjoying the kind of freedom we enjoying here in Ghana. The Kigami administration is enjoying the needed peace for its policies and programmes implementation because of the absence of unnecessary obstruction and fake theories by their intellectuals and political worms.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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