Compensation: Victim of Police Assault at Midland Savings gets a New House and Cash

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Midland Savings and Loans Company Limited has offered a house to Madam Patience Osafo, the woman who was assaulted by a police officer at its Shiashie branch banking hall last week.

The financial institution has also compensated her with an additional of about Ghc100,000, according to one of her lawyers, Samson Lardi Ayenini.

Mr Ayenini revealed this on Joy FM’s news analysis programme which his host on Saturdays.

Happy about the turn of events, Mr Ayenini said on News File on Joy News that “… to avoid a civil suit against Midland Savings, and in compensation for the punches, trauma and embarrassment we just closed a rather generous deal that removes her from the kiosk to owning a brand new house and from the streets, hawking toffee to a woman now with multiple bank accounts.”

“Yes her worries no longer include how to feed her family and provide healthcare for the two-month-old baby. Her GHc270 savings account now holds a six figures sum. Her dilemma is simply deciding what dignified trade to invest in. Patience is certainly over flowing with gratitude for an opportunity for a dignified life for herself and dependants,” he added.

Last week, a video went viral on social media which captured Patience Osafo being assaulted by a police officer.  The AK47 wielding cop, Frederick Amanor, who according to sources was asked to drive her out of the banking hall, was seen punching Patience although she had a bay in her arms.

The video triggered a public outrage on social media, leading to the arrest of the police officer.


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