A Concerned Citizen writes to Moesha

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Dear Moesha,

I know from all indications that you are doing very well and swimming in cash.

Since this is my first letter to you, it will be of few words – in fact it will be my shortest letter to you and straight to the point.

Your love for ‘sugar Daddies’ and money isn’t news to us anymore so please stop repeating it over and over again because it’s dead news.

Okay…so straight to the point, my sister, please learn to be discreet ‘small’. Take a cue from Nadia Buari and live your personal life really ‘personal ‘. Keep it out of the cameras, microphones, newspapers and social media; we are tired of it.

Anyways, I wish you well as you plan to walk down the aisle soon. You must be really lucky to find the love of your life and man of your dream; ‘older and with cash’.

Till we cross paths again, stay blessed.

Concerned citizen


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