Confusion in Teaching Profession: Teacher Licensure Exams vrs NABCO

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The Missing Link

In fact, in Ghana, many unwitty people hold positions that enable them to take nation-affecting decisions whose logicality cannot be comprehended.

Now, tell me what logic can explain the case study below.

NABCO is an arrangement that seeks to employ about 100,000 graduates (both degree and diploma holders) across various sectors of the economy. A department under NABCO is *Educate Ghana,* where the applicants, a total of 43834, under this segment will be posted to various schools to teach.

As I write now, appointment letters of NABCO applicants have come (electronically) and they are to submit these letters to the various regional offices for posting. These applicants, under Educate Ghana, come from various universities ranging from UEW, UCC, KNUST, UG, UDS, etc. Some have background in education, others have none.

Teacher Trainees on the other hand, are graduates from the 48 Colleges of Education in Ghana, who, right from level 100 to 300, have been taken through various education programmes under strict supervision of the University of Cape Coast. All examinations were conducted and marked under UCC.

These graduates are in the house waiting for their posting to the several Basic Schools as teachers, as it is done every year. Then Boom! Licensure Exams. They are told to write this exams (4 papers) before they can “qualify” to teach. The dots just don’t connect, maybe I have low IQ to understand this arithmetic. Someone should explain it better to me please.

Now, this is the question, why will NABCO “teachers”, some with NO education background, not write exams before posting but trainee teachers, all with education background, be forced to write exams?

Obvious Indications:

1. Someone wants to find a way to drastically cut-down the number of teachers to be posted thus hiding under this “artificial exams.” Hence, if a student is seen home not posted, it’ll appear as though s/he has “failed” the licensure exams.

2. The students are to pay 200cedis for registration. What if a student genuinely doesn’t get the money to register? (Most have called me to complain of luck of money). Then his/her dream of becoming a teacher gets truncated.

3. What if a student “fails” this so called exams, it means s/he can’t teach? Don’t forget these students have taken about 35 education-related courses and passed all these courses already.

4. Someone should tell the NPP government that they are not demigods. Apart from the Free SHS, they seem to be messing up almost every other thing in this country. They’ve turned deaf ear to almost every objective suggestion from the public. Someone should remind them they’ll come to this same unhappy public 2020 and render accounts.

5. The writer, Daniel Fenyi, is not a teacher trainee neither a NABCO applicant. He’s an educationist and a counsellor whose vision is to see Ghana managed well. Call/whatsapp Daniel Fenyi on +233242937017 or Facebook page

The Dots Don’t Connect!!!
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