Confusion rocks Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council over Country’s Decision to host US Military Base

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Investigations by into the loud-silence of the various religious groups in the country that were vocal ahead of the 2016 elections, over the recent agreement ratified by Parliament seeking to grant unfettered and unimpeded access to the United States of America’s military within the jurisdictions of Ghana have revealed very interesting developments within the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC).

We have established a sharp division within the leadership of the Council over a position on the issue that has attracted serious discussions over the last week.

While a section of the leadership are vehemently opposed to the idea of granting stay and hosting of USA military officers in Ghana, others are of the view that there are no serious implications surrounding their stay.

Our engagement with some of the Council members opposed to the decision revealed that they are concerned about the records of nations that hosted United States military officials, granted them full access, but when they were faced with crisis, their ‘new’ tenants abandoned them and left them to suffer the consequences of things they might have created.

“I am not enthused, and I think the decision to send this agreement to cabinet, approving it from cabinet and actually proceeding to Parliament for approval, was reckless to say the least,” our contact said to us in confidence.

Our investigations further revealed that the GPCC, will in the coming weeks, issue a strongly worded statement to the government on the position of the Council on this new pact.

According to our contacts, they would finalize on internal discussions and agree on a common ground before coming out, as for obvious reasons, they could not speak immediately.

It is expected that the Council would take a tough position on the matter and draw the attention of government on the significant challenges that the decision to grant unfettered, unimpeded access, coupled with an unending duration of the agreement, is not in the best interest of Ghana. shall bring readers up to speed on any new development as our team continues to engage at the background, over this very important matter of National interest.

Watch this space!

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