Congratulations Marietta Oppong for Ghana’s Victory over Startimes

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It came and passed without notice. The former Attorney General not too long ago chalked another victory for Ghana when an arbitration panel sustained her argument that Startimes Company cannot claim beyond work done with respect to their digital migration contract which was lawfully abrogated following series of international deadline breaches.

The lawful abrogation of the contract paved way for another international competitive bidding process and subsequent implementation of the digital migration project to take place at a far cheaper cost. This is what has given rise to the numerous digital television outlets Ghanaians are experiencing today. ‘StarTimes to sue government $200m for terminating contract’ was one of the few headlines which were projected by media houses such as, Ghanaweb among others.

However, in another display of brilliance and ‘positive witchcraft’ the unassuming former Attorney General together with a team of lawyers including Dr Abdul Baasit Bamba chalked a major victory over the Chinese Company.

Deep throat sources indicate that the company will be very disappointed in the final outcome of the arbitration following the initial ruling by the Panel that they cannot have beyond work they didn’t do. Coincidentally this will not be the first time the former Attorney General would be reducing drastically the expectations of such multinational companies who hitherto would have walked over a prostrating Ghana at international arbitration. Startimes’ speculated spurious hope of US$ 200 million have been dashed, but they are not alone.

The former AG saved over US$1 billion from other cases due to sound advice to ministries, departments and Agencies over the past four years. No wonder many pundits have penciled Mrs Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong for a deserving national award by the President Akufo-Addo Government.

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