Controller and Accountant General Department’s abuse of system…

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This is my first write up on Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD). The good people of Ghana, especially government workers must have an interest in reading and sharing this to ensure a positive change in the system.

The Controller and Accountant General’s Department was established under the Civil Service Act, 1960 (CA.5). The constitution and the Administration Act, 2003, Act 654 provides the legal framework that governs the operations of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department and the functions of the Controller and Accountant-General of Ghana.

We exist to provide public financial management services to the Government and the general public through efficient, skilled, well-motivated and dedicated staff, using the most appropriate technology.

Our vision is that of the public service with a positive culture, client-focused and result oriented, constantly seeking ways to improve the delivery of financial management services to the Government and the general public

Core Values:
Putting customers first.
Meeting the needs and aspirations of Government and its citizens.

Serving the whole country. We aim to serve our customers with diverse interest.

Acting with integrity. We aspire to act with honesty, openness, transparency in the delivery of our duties.

Valuing people. We value people by creating a culture that celebrates excellent service.

Continuous improvements and innovation. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we are able to improve and increase customer satisfaction.

After reading the vision, mission, core values, and functions of the CAGD, I can confidently say CAGD has failed Ghanaians massively.

In your core values, you claim you put customers first, thereby meeting the needs of government and citizens.
Like seriously? This sounds like a joke.
So why and how are government workers having a sleepless night due to unnecessary disturbances from different companies we have nothing to do with?

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The above and many more are messages sent to government workers, disturbing their peace and breaking their privacy.

So government workers information can no more be protected?
Where is the confidentiality?
Where lies the integrity of CAGD?
where is the value for people CADG is talking about?

This Is a gross disrespect to the government workers.
It must stop now before strangers use our contacts to trace us for worst things.

CAGD claim it is not their fault, but also the telcos. Really?
Did the telcos employ me?
How did the telcos know I am a government worker?

I have been whispered to that the information (contact numbers) comes from you, the CAGD, EC, before SIC access them, so as other companies. Well, let me treat this as an assertion.
But CAGD has no reason to deny this assertion because they have information on all government workers. This action is so criminal and the Boss of CAGD and other authorities must be on their feet to curb this awful situation.

Lastly, but most importantly…
Where is the transparency, openness, and honesty the CAGD aspire to act with?
When you affect illegal or unlawful deductions?
Where in the act /functions is CAGD mandated to even deduct dues or effect dues increment from employees’ peanut monthly salary without their approval or consent, and pay to some groups or associations?
Do some officers at CAGD have an interest or share in such illegal deductions?
It is very interesting that an officer from CAGD says they deduct automatically for associations without the consent of government workers so far as you belong to a group. What evidence does the CAGD have to confirm membership of the group before the deductions?
A typical example is how the CAGD effected deductions for the National Association Of Registered Midwives of Ghana, without the consent of some midwives. Same also occurred in favor of Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association, until nationwide membership registration was done. I believe so many government employees have witnessed these. Pure illegalities everywhere, because CAGD is abusing its power and everyone seems to be silent on these illegalities. Where lies our freedom of association?

When an association wants to increase dues deduction from 1.5% to 2% of basic salary of its members,  without them meeting their constitutional requirement of 2/3rds, how on earth should CAGD effect such deduction increment when you claim you have constitutions of all the associations?
All because of corruption, thievery, and bribery, so many evil things are happening at the blind side of the government workers who are paid through CAGD. These evil doings must end in 2018.

President Nana Addo, Finance Minister, Minister For Employment and Labour, Hon Members of Parliament, both majority and minority, National Labor Commission, the politicians, please these issues must be part of your priorities. The CAGD system has been abused for far longer and it is high time the officers in charge are sanctioned.

Ghana and its system must work!

Kofi Ghana (0505871133)
Richard Yeboah (0240874257)

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