Controversy: Kumchacha, Patapaa draw Sword over the death of Ebony

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Barely two weeks after the tragic death of Super-Star Dancehall Artiste Ebony Reign, more controversies have emerged in respect of her death.

Prophet Nicholas Osei Kumchacha, Founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries International, Patapaa of “One Corner” fame have been on each other’s throat over the tragic death of the young Dance hall Artiste.

Information available to indicates that Patapaa allegedly accused the prophet of having a hand in the death following his (Kumchacha) morbid criticism of the late Artiste’s songs

Unhappy with the development, Kumchacha is reported to have threatened to beat up Patapaa any time any where he met him citing Proverbs 18:6 as the basis for his intended action.

However, upon taking advice from many sources, he decided to transform these physical beatings into legal ones.

This came to light last Saturday during the Entertainment Review programme on an Accra based Radio station- Peace FM where the prophet had been invited by the host of the programme, Akwasi Aboagye to confirm whether he had indeed carried out such a threat, and why.

The forthright Kumchacha confirmed that indeed, he had carried out such a threat, based on the fact that Patapaa wanted to tarnish his hard-won reputation.

Panelists on the programme, however did not take kindly to this, as they alleged it would be against the laws of Ghana should Kumchacha go physical on Patapaa.

To this he (Kumchacha) retorted that he does not fear the police because he has not done anything untoward, arguing further that Patapaa’s accusation about him rather called for his arrest by the police.

Throwing more light on the Prophet’s alleged criticism of the late Artiste’s songs and that one, (one Corner) of Patapaa, the panelists were of the view that the Prophet has over stepped his bounds in his criticism of these Artistes.

Citing Peter 12:1, the Panelist held the view that the Pastor cum Prophet could only advice his congregants and dependents who came within his jurisdiction, and not some people somewhere doing their own thing. “Dzi wo fie Asem” they insisted, arguing that the youth of these days would match him boot for boot if he criticizes openly.

They argued that Patapaa’s criticism of Kumchaha was his own making.

Insisting vehemently, Kumchacha maintained that should he keep quiet on wrongs in the society then he is not doing the work that his Creator has assigned him, maintaining that he will continue to talk about the wrongs in the society, no matter where they occur.

This degenerated into a heated argument between them and thereby turning the hitherto calm and informative programme very chaotic.

According to Kumchacha, Patapaa had levelled those allegations against him basing his arguments, on the fact that he, Kumchacha once criticized his “one Corner” song and a week after, he was involved in an accident out of which he vomited a lot of blood. Then, weeks after criticizing Ebony’s songs, she gets involved in an accident and dies! Why then should Kumchacha be skipped off accusation in this regard, Patapaa argues.

According to Kumchacha, he did not know Ebony in person and that the only time he saw her was when he had travelled abroad and saw her clip on a TV station there.

He said when he was interviewed on her performance he praised her for her beautiful voice, but did not fall short of criticizing her on her code of dressing that was half nude

But this, he explained, did not mean that he has a hand in her tragic death of Ebony.

Prophet Kumchacha was emphatic that he will drag Patapaa to court to prove why he (Patapaa) should spoil his (Kumchacha’s) name.

Source: S.O. ANKAMAH



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