Corruption, Poor Governance killing Ghana under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

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Greetings Mr President,

Ghanaians were promised good governance during your campaign and you also promised Ghanaians a corruption free government if elected to lead the country. You are one of the politicians who constantly repeated that famous statement by President Obama that Africa doesn’t need strong leaders,but strong institutions. Ever since you took over the leadership of this country,the integrity of all the institutions of the country has been systematically corrupted and compromised as well the functioning of these institutions by yourself,and the ruling remnants.Aggressively,corruption is being created and nurtured in every level of the government where by it becoming part of your administration’s culture.Ghana is being ransacked,robbed and disgraced under your watch.

You are a Lawyer and an astute one of course and for years, championed anti corruption crusade in the country,you promised Ghanaian a corruption free government and reiterated this promise during your inauguration. The sad case of Ghana is that few months into office, you and your cronies are making corruption an accepted practice in our body politics and practice it with ease and confidence. Your government is not functioning properly because bad governance and corruption.So far, you’ve failed meeting the needs of society while making the beat use all all resources at the disposal of you and your cronies. People on your government are vigrously misusing or abusing public office for private gains. I am sure you’ve been briefed on happenings at tour vis-a-vis report released by the BNI. You are privy to the full facts since some officers in your office were involved in that disgraceful deal.

All the institutions of state have been bastardized and succumbing to your whims and caprices.Corruption is now widespread and conveying its own unhelpful subliminal messages.Extortion, fraud,nepotism, graft, speed money, pilferage, theft, falsification of records, kickbacks, influence peddling have taken over our institutions of state with the seat of government leading this wicked moves. Criminals are made to go free in the name of Nolle prosequi, properties legitimately acquired by citizens are being seized by people who operate from the presidency, jackals are released to attack people who offer genuine advice to your government. You didn’t see anything wrong with your cousin sitting in his bedroom with his wife and business associates to issue $2.25b bond in the name of Ghana rather, you went about showering praises on him.

You were one of the people who constantly attacked the PNDC government over the killing of the three noble judges and constantly expressed your reservations about the way the case was handled. But you did not see anything wrong with that primitive act by your vigilante group who chased a female judge in her own court.Your offered them protection through your AG with the entry of Nolle prosequi. You condemned your predecessor for allowing his brother to use his own equipment and resources to dredge the Odor river and constantly trumpeted the conflict of interest sermon, you quoted wrong figures about the Kasoa interchange and the ridge hospital but didn’t see anything wrong with the bond issue.

Mr President, you preached devolution of power but what are we seeing,high level of centralisation, you and your cronies are involved in decision making leaving the views of the people who elected you into office unheard. There is no transparency and accountability,decisions that your government makes are not according to the rules and regulations because government institutions and your appointees are not answerable to the people.You and your appointees and party apparatchiks are at liberty of doing whatever you want because Ghanaians are not going to question them. Mr President the first six months of your government has been full of disappointments and pain. Gradually, we the passive citizens are aiding you to establish yourself as dictator. People are afraid to openly criticise your and your government, most media houses and journalists have been rendered docile through intimidation and inducements, vibrant opposition elements are being harassed.

Mr President, the situation we find ourselves to day is terrible,you’ve disappointed Ghanaians including the mullions who walked to the polling stations to cast their votes for you,the pastors and civil society organizations who joined your campaign have gone hiding because of the terrible situation you taking Ghanaians through.

Mr President, do you expect Ghanaians to still see you as an incorruptible person? After failing to act on many corruption issues brought before you. The most disgraceful of all is the latest decision to clear the MD of BOST through that bogus findings by the BNI. Your daughter’s name has been mentioned in the matter, names of some officials at the Presidency were mentioned, we read and heard how people close to the presidency reduced the issue to nurturing of Presidential ambitious, we heard Ken Agyepong on the issue and the BNI thinks the report it has submitted to clear the MD is convincing enough.?

Mr President I hope you remember what Professor Adu Boahene said when he responded to Rawlings’ statement that people at various levels of authority were using the chain of command to subjugate and demand subservient state of interrelationships with subordinates and said the situation was leading to the return of culture of silence. You and Prof and others vehemently fought the administration over suppression of freedom,abuse of state power etc. The very bad practices you vehemently opposed and fought against,are what you introducing into our body politics through your agents in the various state institutions.

My prayer is that you change you leadership style else,may be remembered as the most corrupt leader ever.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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