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Creating a Future for Ghana’s next Generation through the VM Technology

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The Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring Tools for Life to Ghana’s far flung villages for the rehabilitation of schools and the ignition of the nation’s future.

Volunteer Minister Goodwill Cavalcades has visited places that would otherwise have no access to the practical tools the Scientology Handbook contains in its 19 courses. Each location receives a delivery tailored to its specific needs. For the Goodwill Tour in Ghana, the issue at hand is education.

For Ghana to strive and soar to new heights, it depends on the success of its future leaders—the youth. Though basic education is free and the enrolment rate is about 84%, some 623,500 children of primary school going age are still not in school. For those enrolled, the school environment is often not conducive for learning, as they are faced with overcrowded classrooms, minimal facilities and scarcity of trained teachers and school books, among others. Poor education quality often reflects in the students’ results as it is evident that only 16% of grade six students are proficient in mathematics and only 35% are proficient in English.

It is for this reason and others that VM Tour focused on Ghana’s schools as they visited schools in the Adaklu and Agotime-Ziope districts of the Volta Region.

With the support of local government officials, they trained about 23 teachers and the Headmaster of the Adaklu Senior High School in the VM tools.

More than 920 students went through the courses, with a focus on The Technology of Study, in the distinctive yellow tent which was set up right on school’s compound. The response was such that the VM team stayed an extra week for further delivery.

The Adaklu District Chief Executive, expressed his gratitude, stating that “We truly appreciate your invaluable contribution in building the capabilities of students who benefited from the program.”

The School Prefect in a statement also remarked that “You have brought a massive change in the life of students. The study of Scientology courses has been a wonderful program which has proven to students that indeed something can be done about their challenges. Students are now daring to and willing to undertake difficult tasks.”

At Ziope Senior High School, about 987 students went through the tent placed on their school compound. At the Agotime Senior High School, about 610 students were trained.

At a final graduation, the VM Tour In-Charge Mr, Yelbi Suleiman Abdallah, who is also the Executive Director of Clear Africa Ghana Foundation gave out certificates of completion to students and teachers. He in turn received letters of appreciation from each school and district officials.

In all over 21,000 people were reached and 14 VM groups formed to continue the delivery. The Coordinating Director of the Agotime-Ziope District said, “We the people of Agotime are grateful and delighted to be part of this proven and tested material for the benefit of our people. We promise to ensure that the time, the sacrifices and the materials will be put into good use to the betterment of our people.”


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