CSIR@60: A Look into the Animal Research Institute

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The Animal Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-ARI) has held an open day event where it interacted with the public; explaining to them what the Institute is set up for. The event forms part of the Council’s 60 years anniversary celebration.

The ARI is responsible for developing and transferring technologies that promote livestock and poultry production in Ghana. It has a vision of becoming one of the finest research institutes in Africa for the development of livestock technologies and innovations for economic growth.

The Institute is made up of Six divisions created for the purposes of administratively organising to provide products and services based on cutting-urge research.

The Farmed Animals Technology Development division is focused on developing modern technologies for livestock production; and developing technology packages for different categories of livestock farmers. The Companion Animals and Livestock Disease Control division plays a role in companion animal health research; participates in neglected tropical diseases grant scheme; develop protocols for early detection of common livestock diseases; and develop rapid response protocols for common livestock diseases.

The Industrial Products Development, Food Safety and Marketing Division is responsible for developing new livestock and dairy products, developing technologies to extend the shelf-life of livestock products; and developing improved technologies for the promotion of livestock. The Natural Resource Management and Environmental Health division develops technologies for efficient and economic exploitation of our natural resources; and developing technologies that would ensure and promote sound environmental health.

There are also the Livelihood, Innovations and Business Development division and the Genomics and Livestock Improvement divisions responsible for animal-based livelihood models for poverty reduction; developing business models for commercial livestock production; developing skills in the use of genomics for improved livestock breeding and supporting grant applications in various aspects of livestock research, among others.


The Institute has so far developed some livestock related technologies including “ensiled whole cassava for pig feeding, pelleted feed technology, Agro-Industrial By-Products Diet for pigs, improved solar dryer technology for the drying of farm products, among others. They have also developed a slaughter model for hygienic processing, the ARI-Smoker: improved hotwood smoking of guinea fowl meat, management of keet mortality, adapted Indigenous Microorganism (IMO) pig production technology, ARIBRO Broiler Breed and newly improved sheep breed.

The Director of CSIR-ARI, Prof. Emmanuel K. Adu, in a remark said the Institute since its inception has done a lot to create jobs for the youth of Ghana while ensuring that the food we consume on daily basis are safe.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Adentan, Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, lamented the encroachment on the land of the Institute which is located at Frafraha in the Greater Accra Region. He charged the management to take prudent actions to reclaim the lands that have been encroached upon in the interest of the public.

“My office will support you to claim what is rightfully yours. This land was secured with a Constitutional Instruments (CI) and we cannot stand aloof and watch it go, he stated.

The Director General of the CSIR, Prof. Victor Agyeman, says it is time the nation gives value to science education in Ghana. He said about 40% of the Council’s challenges are about land issues while 30% are about money. “Only a fraction of our challenges are really about science issues,” he stated, adding that the time has come for some drastic actions towards solving all the issues.

“If you know what science is doing for this country you will marvel. Most nations that have developed successfully is because they focused on developing science. We need to support President Akufo-Addo’s vision on science development and we shall see massive development in Ghana,” he stated.

Source: Jeorge Wilson Kingson || ghananewsonline.com.gh


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