The Current Political Dynamics in Nigeria, Support John Mahama’s comeback

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“President Jonathan will not return in 2019- Babatope.” Anthony, one of the strong anti- Mahama comeback advocates this morning sent me this statement by Chief Ebenezer Babatope and based on this statement to support this morning’s anti- comeback crusade inbox. Let me share with my friends the position I expressed on this particular issue.

Ghana, will forever remain the torchbearer of the continent Africa. Any attempt to measure our performance using the Nigerian parameters and dynamics, only demeans our stature on the continent. Nigeria is our “Bigger Brother” economically, but we shall forever remain their senior or “bigger” brother when it comes to politics.Before I touch on
the substantive issues we argued on, let me first state that the statement which is attributed to Chief Babatope, was made in 2015 April and he it was his personal position. The PDP party in a statement to Jonathan on his 59th Birthday, made its position on his comeback, clear. The statement was signed by the council of elders and as delivered by its spokesperson, Dayo Adeyeye. This is what the party sent to the former President:

“Your Excellency Sir, in less than two years of leaving office, Nigerians are yearning and crying for your return
especially as your successor who won the 2015 Presidential Election on the altar of propaganda and lies against your
administration has done no better since he took over from you on May 29, 2015”

The statement went on to say:

“This reversal of your achievements is also visible in all sectors of our economy as the vibrant and largest economy you left behind in May 2015 is today in great recession and near depression,” This statement was issued in 2016 which rubbishes attempts to use the purported statement by Chief Babatope as justification for kicking against the Mahama comeback agenda.

Apart from the statement delivered on behalf of the party to Mr Goodluck Jonathan on his 59th birthday, the  national leadership under the Chairmanship of Adamu Mu’azu, issued a statement after a strategic meeting and portions of the statement read: “The meeting notes and appreciates the patriotic stand taken by President Goodluck Jonathan after the elections as another milestone in the party’s contributions to peace, stability and progress of the nation”

“Widespread anomalies and irregularities that characterised the general elections in many States affected the PDP”. This is the official position of the PDP on Jonathan and its future.

The other point noteworthy, is the South- North dichotomy and Chief Babatope based his analysis and projections on that phenomenon. This was what he said to support his South-North permutation ” the people of the south- south have the right to present a candidate for the election, I am sure the President will not contest” he also said, “The
President Will not contest 2019 presidential election. The PDP will look for a strong Hausa/Fulani presidential candidate to contest against Maj. Gen Buhari”. The statement by Chief Babatope on Jonathan’s comeback issue, was made based on the regional dynamics and that must be made clear. It was not made based on what the anti Mahama comeback apostles are espousing.

Since Anthony and his friends have started pushing this Jonathan agenda, they must find factors that contributed to his defeat. Before we enter into that arena, let’s look at the role Obasanjo played in the APC’S victory. Apart from he being a senior member of the PDP, Obasanjo was the political father of Jonathan. He described Jonathan’s government as corrupt and said “I will not take responsibility for his performance” and it was aimed at denigrating his former protégé and the PDP party. It didn’t end there, he was openly courted by the opposition party the APC but still reaffirmed that he is still a member of the PDP but as former President, “he is a father to all” So
the trick Obasanjo adopted to weaken his political son and the PDP was that, he accommodated and fostered friendship with leaders of the opposition , while simultaneously acted as a rallying point for disgruntled elements within the PDP. His clandestine activities contributed to what the PDP went through in the elections.


I am against any attempt to assess our performance based on happenings in other countries in the subregion, but that notwithstanding, we must not downplay the activities of the political godfathers and other powerful organizations on the continent. I touched on this issue after the 2016 election. Winning elections in the region now demands serious strategic work and commitments. Ken Ofori Atta is one of President Sirleaf Johnson’s closest allies and also a good friend of Obasanjo, the NDC also has its natural allies in the sub region and Rawlings touched on that when he narrated the story about funds some Nigerian business men promised the NDC. One of the reasons why I support Mahama’s comeback is this West Africa political game. He has established the links and the party must benefit from the links.

Winning elections in our contemporary times is not about antiquated sloganeering and preaching of vague ideological messages and this must be made clear.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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