DCE Mobilizes support against Defence Minister

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It’s eleven months since the New Patriotic Party (NPP) took over the responsibility of managing the country. The government has so far enjoyed the support of the public mainly due to the implementation of certain programmes. However, just as the applauds are growing louder, some appointees of the President are seriously working to sabotage other appointees. One of such situations is rife in the Bimbilla Constituency.

The Bimbilla Constituency stands unique when it comes to loyalty that it extends to the New Patriotic Party. The constituency remains a safe seat for the NPP particularly, along the Eastern Corridor after the Yendi Constituency. Electorates in the Bimbilla Constituency demonstrated this commitment further during the 2016 general elections. The then flag bearer Nana Akufo- Addo and his running mate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia were debarred from campaigning in the Bimbilla Constituency. A faction in the chieftaincy dispute threaten to spark violence should the leadership of the NPP entered the Bimbilla Constituency. Likely, the family and supporters of the late Naa Salifu Dawuni appealed to the leadership of the party not to campaign but promised to deliver victory for the NPP. They kept to their words!

Today, the NPP as a party is on the path to facing defeat because the D.C.E of the area, Abdulai Yakubu has promised to bring down the Defence Minister Hon. Dominic Nitiwul who is also the MP for the area. Mr. Abdulai Yakubu is an ardent supporter of the late Andani Dasana, a contender in the protracted Bimbilla chieftaincy. He has vowed to do anything to disgrace the Defence Minister so as to protect the interest of the Andani Dasana’s faction.

The cover on the DCE’s machinations against the Defence Minister blew off when Hon. Nitiwul advised him against facilitating a particular meeting for one of the factions in the chieftaincy dispute that nearly resulted into bloodshed. The DCE has since turned against the MP and is on record to have challenged the President through Hon. Nitiwul to fire him (the DCE) since the chieftaincy was dear to him. The situation became murkier after the burial of the late Na-Salifu Dawuni. The D.C.E felt disgraced as his plans to disrupt the burial of the late chief became a fiasco.

As a way of punishing the MP, the D.C.E now takes moves to anger those who cast their votes for the MP. This week, he is on record to have written letters stopping one faction from observing the upcoming Damba Festival. This move by the D.C.E has heightens tension in Bimbilla whilst the D.C.E continuously tell RESEC that all is well? This unbelievable! I hope someone will move swiftly to avert the impending violent conflict in Bimbilla. I am aware of the work in progress to amicably resolve the protracted conflict, but the entrenched position taken by the D.C.E could impede this effort if care is not taking. Mr. Abdulai Yakubu we’re tired of bloodshed in Bimbilla.

Source: Salifu Mufteen

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