Decongestion exercise is to rid Accra of Filth and increase mobility – Adjei Sowah

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The  Chief Executive officer of the AMA, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, says the relevance of the ongoing decongestion exercise in the capital city is to increase mobility, and rid Accra of filth.

He said the move is aimed at enforcing the Assembly’s bye-laws and creating a new order that will  instill discipline in the city.

Mr. Sowah said this on Monday when he addressed journalists in Accra shortly after the Assembly cleared hawkers off pavements at the Central Business District, Kwame Nkrumah interchange, Tip-toe lane and Kokomlemle among other areas in the metropolis.

The Mayor who led the AMA Task Force under police protection razed to the ground tables, chairs, and  structures that impeded free movements of both human and vehicular traffic in the central business district of the Accra .

He said the Assembly is poised to “make the exercise an order of his administration” and warned all shop owners who extend their trade to the walk ways and dump refuse on the streets to stop or risk their shops being locked from tomorrow.

“The exercise was very successful and people continue to ask whether it’s going to be a Nine day wonder, well, I don’t know of that but you could see the energy that I have. Having walked around for the past 6 hours on the street clearly shows that I have the energy, the interest and the passion for this exercise… It is going to be an order of our administration that is what we can assure you,” he said.

“We are been applauded all around the country for the good work that we have done. What it means is that, this is what the people of Ghana are looking for. Let us give to them what they are looking for… I have cautioned our metro guards that if you are a law enforcement agent, then it means you also have to  discipline yourself. We found two people relaxed on their job and we fired them. This is to show that indeed we will not hesitate to fire any recalcitrant trader, hawker who turns to fight the authority”. He added.

The Mayor expressed his appreciation to the traders and general public for a  successful exercise and urged all to comply with the assembly’s news rules .

The exercise which started  around 6:00am ,lasted for about 10 hours  and its expected to continue tommorrow.

Others areas the Assembly plans to decongest include Lapaz, Kaneshie and Avenor.

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