Demand reparation from colonial masters -Boniface Saddique

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The Minister for­ Inner City & Zongo Development, Boniface Abubakar Saddique, has tasked Ghana and other African states to demand reparation from their colonial masters for the ruin and destruction they have caused the Continent through slavery.

According to the Minister, Africa had been ruined off its glory with multiplicity forms of slavery –chattel, serfdom, bonded labour, domestic servitude, sex slavery etc – and as a result, the Continent had nothing to show for its brave warriors and mighty men taken away as slaves.

History captured that Africans were treated and sold as commercial commodities, and they were transported inhumane manner and compelled to work under harsh conditions in the Americas and Europe to develop their economies.

Though centuries have passed since slavery in its worst form was abolished, Africa has not been able reap its past glory.

This, Boniface believed that the only way for Africa to be compensated for its stolen glory is for the colonial masters to pay back what they have taken from Africans, saying: “Ghana, and its sister Africa countries, have to fight our colonial masters to pay us for what they did to us.”

The Minister made this statement to mark United Nations World Day against Trafficking in persons, dubbed “Blue Day” and organised by a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Sewa Foundation, last Sunday at the Trinity Baptist Church, Madina-Accra.

According to him, slavery hadn’t stopped, and that it was only manifesting itself in different ways and forms, saying: “human trafficking is nothing but modern-day slavery.”

He said, during the colonial era, the mighty were taken into slavery, but modern-day slavery has targeted the cContinent’s best skilled labour.

He indicated that though the victims are not captured, they are, however, lured, especially, to these Gulf countries to be used as slaves.

When asked how his Ministry was going to work with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to save Ghanaians in bondage in these Gulf countries, he said plans were far in advance to bring the victims home.

He added that awareness was being created to alert the public about these miscreants and their activities, so that children, who are the worst victims, will be protected.

“They (children) are the economic asset of the economy, and, of course, our future leaders. So, the best time and the best way to give them better socialisation is at their youthful stage. “Therefore, I believe that it will help, and, fortunately, the mandate given to my Ministry, in terms of the core areas.

“One of the most important areas has to do with social development. And social development has to do with adult education and child education. We have regenerative health and other things that we need to do, and this will be done jointly with Ministry of Education, Ministry of Gender and Social Protection and Ministry of Local Government.”

The Public Relations of Officer (PRO) of SEWA Foundation, Kyei Baffour, said people are victims of trafficking because of ignorance, adding: “They simply don’t know nothing about human trafficking. Who doesn’t want comfort; everyone likes comfort, but if it’s going to end up in being trafficked, then we have to watch out.”

He pleaded that the same arsenal given to the fight against galamsey should be given to trafficking in persons, since it is a national canker.

He also sourced support from other organisations to help victims who have been locked up in bondage.

Source: Bernice Bessey & Joana Lisa Quarshie || The Chronicle

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