Director General of NCA Joe Anokye also deported from Kenya

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It is now confirmed that the second person deported from Kenya along with the former Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Mr. Peter Mac manu, is Mr. Joe Anokye, Director General of the National Communication Authority (NCA).

Mr Anokye was celebrated by NPP after the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections for successfully hacking the Electoral Commission’s electronic results transmission system.

Mr. Anokye and Mac Manu were travelling to Kenya ostensibly to act as observers for the Democratic Union of Africa. However the opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) protested this, leading to the deportation of the two Ghanaians together with a Canadian and a US national. An opposition spokesman stated that the two Ghanaians, Anokye and Manu were coming to Kenya to advise them on how to handle their IT systems.

The deportations have raised great consternation in Kenya and Ghana. The General Secretary of the NPP protested and expressed disappointment at the decision by the Kenyan authorities to deport the two.

Other Ghanaians have expressed concern at the interference by Ghanaian public officials and politicians in the election of another sovereign African country.

In Kenya, a spokesman of the ruling Jubilee coalition expressed satisfaction at the deportations.

He said that, “the will of the Kenyan people must be freely expressed.” He also added, “the Jubilee Party is prepared to win or lose  genuinely.”

He said Jubilee will respect the will of the Kenyan people and not an outcome secured by “electoral mercenaries”.

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