#DiscloseRecallCost CAMPAIGN

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PNAfrica is appreciative of your support to our call for Recall cost to be made Public. We admit that Parliamentary recall is a constitutionally allowed approach in Ghana’s democratic dispensation.

However, our campaign for the disclosure of Recall Costs is still ongoing, as we employ all media outlets, civil society organization, business association and stakeholders in Ghana to join the campaign, in order to help our MPs measure costs to their constitutional rights to request a recall in their future decisions.

Civil Society organization’s existence is not to create controversies for government neither is it to create publicity for individuals, rather with the support of the media, our role to promote good governance and transparency still stands as our utmost priority. The tax payer must be aware of what their monies are invested in. How these monies are spent and when they were spent?

We must now more than ever revamp our watchdog role towards creating results and ensuring accountability. #DiscloseRecallCost campaign needs a collective effort from all stakeholders to champion same. For a democratic country like ours, demanding recall cost to be made public is a request in good faith.

We will therefore ask media, cso and stakeholder to drive this campaign using various strategies and platform available to educate and inform citizens for national development. This is achievable through radio discussions, news stories, feature articles and even investigative stories. We are ready to support in research, panel discussion, interviews among others for the tax payer to get what is due them.

We are currently working on petitioning Parliament for our request to be made public, and will be glad if media and CSO’s join this. Send your views, comments and recommendation to us and we will be happy to add to our Petition.

Using the hashtag #DiscloseRecallCost, you can actively join discussions on this campaign on our social media platform. Send your comments, suggestions and views on the campaign via twitter @myMPnews and Facebook on our page “Parliament Africa”. Your comments, recommendations and suggestions on this campaign can also be sent via email on info@parliamentafrica.com.

#DiscloseRecallCost CAMPAIGN

Sammy Obeng
Executive Director

Ghana News Online

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