Do not be misled by misinformation and calumny of opposition press – Bagbin

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The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Albert K. S. Bagbin has adjured members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to refrain from falling for what he describes as ‘misinformation and calumny of the opposition press’, which he says has the tendency of causing dissatisfaction, distrust and hatred among the family.

In a response to unremitting attacks on him by members of the party over widely circulated comments he purportedly made to the effect that the party had no leadership, he said his interview with the media were taken out of context, adding that no where has he stated what was currently been circulated.

“Oh members! No where have I stated what is being circulated (rephrased). I paid my tribute to the late Vice President at the AICC this morning…A reporter from Citi FM suggested that the party could use the opportunity created by the death to unite the party.

“I conceded to the fact that we could have taken advantage of the death to further unite the party like we did during the demise of the late President Mills. But the way we came in separate groups, we have lost the opportunity. I conceded again that we could have done better.

“I said as leaders we didn’t plan today’s attendance well. Where did JM come into this? Please the leader of the Party is a constitutional matter. It is clear in the party’s constitution that the National Chairman is the leader of the Party when in opposition. So why the reference to JM? Is JM the National Chairman?….”, the Nadowli legislator quizzed.

He lamented that the attacks on him which have been going on for sometime now are not healthy, and that a lot of the stories usually ascribed to him were untrue, adding that his response to those untrue stories do not usually get the same coverage or the same prominence.

He admonished members to always try and cross-check before reacting to most of the stories.

Source: Ananpansah B Abraham (AB)

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