Don’t extend your Hypocrisy to TEIN-NDC in Your Senseless Agenda towards UEW – Former TEIN-NDC Secretary to Afenyo Markin

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In the midst of controversies many believe to be brouhaha at the University of Education Winneba, a student of the Mampong satellite campus of the university has lambasted the member of Parliament for the area, Alexander Afenyo Markin, over a comment he (Afenyo Markin) made on his Facebook wall stateing that

“I feel very relieved of the decision of UEW management to meet the leadership of all pressure groups as well as student leaders to listen to their concerns. I look forward to a speedy resolution. Regrettably some known NDC lecturers who have vowed never to let the new VC know peace are busily inciting students to be lawless by using TEIN. The issue of students grievances cannot be given partisan colours hence no one should turn this into an NDC/NPP affair.

Our students deserve better and that should be the focus of any dialogue. No student must allow himself/herself to be used by a lecturer or an alumni to destroy properties since that will amount to a criminal conduct.

When you are caught and being prosecuted such individuals will distant themselves and behave as if they don’t know you. I shall stand by all students…no victimization.. no intimidation”.

In an interview with Hope FM on the statement, the former TEIN secretary described the said Facebook post from the legislator as “a foolish comment from a hypocritic and satanic agenda towards the university authorities”.

He warned the member of Parliament not to extend his hands towards TEIN-NDC as the catalyst in the ongoing brouhaha. He however added that Alexander Afenyo Markin is the brain behind the torture of several lecturers of the university .

“I will not hide the fact that, Hon. Afenyo Markin is the brain behind the sacking of the immediate past Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Mawutor Avorke, together with other lecturers who were forced to resign over constructive criticisms. Do you think the university is for your family?, who are you to always pursue the innocent?”. He angrily questioned .

He went on to lament over a development he alleged in the ongoing brouhaha at KNUST in which he described the legislator as evil and a hypocrite .

“Who doesn’t know the role you, Afenyo Markin played in the recent uprising at our sister university KNUST? Do you think students are that politically blind as you? You and Nana B should be blamed for the mess at KNUST because your actions towards UEW is totally indifferent from that of Nana B’s action at KNUST.

“You both are shameless entities I must say. Your hypocrisy will end you nowhere than the six fit grave which is destined for everyone on earth. You are a hypocrite like and your actions towards society are nothing but satanic,” the outspoken former secretary fired .

He urged lecturers to continue making constructive criticisms since posterity will not neglect them.

Source || Oscar Komla Bedzrah

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