Don’t Mislead the President: Ghana Water Workers warn Afenyo Markin

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Workers of the Ghana Water Company Ltd have warned Board Chairman, Alexander Afenyo Markin to stop misleading the President on matters concerning the goings-on in the company.

The agitated workers, infuriated by Markins resort to media interviews to give out false information, warned that they would soon expose him through concrete evidence on how he is gradually running the utility company aground.

“Afenyo Markins is always rushing to radio and television stations at the least opportunity to deny palpable truths about his actions in the Company. This is very misleading to the President, who appointed him and detrimental to the growth of the Company,” one of the unionised workers disclosed.

They warned that, “By the time the real bombs begin to drop he will no longer run to television or radio stations but to space to make his case.”

The workers have been accusing the Member of Parliament (MP) and Board Chairman of the Company of unilateral actions against the laid down rules of Ghana Water Company.

They claim he put his personal driver on the Company’s payroll without recourse to the Board of Directors.

The workers also accuse him of appointing an external solicitors though the Company has a Legal Department with competent lawyers to handle matters affecting them.

In a letter dated February 8, 2018, Afenyo Markins appointed Dubik, Onny and Associates as external solicitors for Ghana Water Company Ltd.

They contend that, though they have no doubts about the competence of the appointed legal firm, the appointment amounts to wastage since Ghana Water Company Ltd already has a Legal Department being maintained by tax=payers money.

They also questioned the propriety in him, the Board Chairman, signing the letter instead of the Managing Director of the Company, a clear indication of his unilateral ways of doing things.

The Workers have dared him to a face-to-face encounter to prove to Ghanaians who is telling the truth, calling on the President to keep his eyes on his appointee so he isn’t misled.

“We don’t want our President to be misled by Mr. Markins constant media manipulations; water is too precious to be toyed with. The earlier he did something about him, the better,” one of them.

Mr. Markins is also accused of flouting the age limit for employing persons into the Company.

“People are employed without interview; he brings people and force that they should be employed .the recruitment age for junior staff is 25 years. That notwithstanding the recent list of 14 that he submitted to the Accra west his darling chief manager to employ are 34, 30, 32 among others,” the workers claim.

“Se kukrukukru no gyai, keke keke nnoso be gyai.”

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