Dr Asenso calls on Ghanaians to practice detoxification to ensure healthy lifestyle

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Ghanaians are needlessly getting sicker and dying prematurely because of serious toxic and contaminated blood. Even very worrying is the youth of the country which constitutes the working force and the future of Ghana and beyond but they are dying unexpectedly, posing serious threat to the future of Ghana.

At a press conference by Manyanoha Health Talk Ltd, the Director and Naturopathy of the center, Dr. Emmanuel Asenso said, currently a lot of the youth are dying between the ages of 20-25; a disturbing phenomenon that if allowed to continue would cause many more to die at even earlier ages.

“This is seriously jeopardizing the health of the younger generation and should the advancement in knowledge and technology be killing the innocent youth of Ghana?” he quizzed.

Dr. Asenso hinted that, the social environment in Ghana is seriously toxic as various toxins are exposed to the human body which has caused our organs to malfunction; the effects malfunctioning organs in the human body and cause sickness.

“It is the effects of the toxins in the malfunctioning organs in the human body that cause sickness to negatively affect the health of the individual – the health of Ghanaians,” he added.

He advised that, in order for Ghanaians to avoid premature deaths, toxins generated, whether externally or internally, must be removed through natural detoxification of the human body through the eliminative organs to ensure better function of the body systems and good health.

The Naturopathy Doctor reechoed that, if toxins generated in the body are not properly eliminated, it would cause tissue and organ weakness and, thus, create disease or ill health.

“Toxins, filth or poisons in the human body causes all diseases and this simple fact for life is not known to many Ghanaians,” he reiterated. 

Filth or Toxins in the LIVER

Dr Asenso’s over 20 years research has developed a liver specific detox program to remove the Filth from the Liver. He insist that malaria is not caused by mosquitoes or plasmodia but the filth in the liver and if properly removed would decrease the rate of malaria infections in the country.

“The important details of the program – the Manyanoha Natural Malaria Program (MNMP) would eradicate malaria around the globe and it can be found in his book “The Natural Steps for Curing Malaria filth in the liver”.

He therefore called on Ghanaians to educate themselves on disease preventive measures using the herbal method, practice evergreen method of cooking. He also advised the government to adopt the MNMP method as a national program and institute a Ministry for Natural and Cultural health, and add detoxification to the curricula of schools as course of study.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey




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