Dr. Jesus Church takes no Collection from Congregants

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– As others do to enhance Miracles and Testimonies, etc.

…Yet Testimonies Abound

At a time when most churches in Ghana have been turned into business entities with swift business transactions via the sales of spiritual artifacts of all sorts including water, multiple collections, “Kofi ne Ama” exorbitant consultation and emergency fees and many more at their premises, Dr. Jesus Prayer Camp Ministry International takes no collection (money) from its congregants, who troop there for Salvation, deliverance request to needs, etc.

Instead, monies received at the church emanate from voluntary contributions from congregants in response to answered prayer requests, which they do through mind-bugling testimonies, which abound there.

Dr. Jesus Prayer Camp Ministry International

Headquartered at Kasoa close to the Liberia Camp at Gomoa Budumbram in the Central Region, the church’s congregation spams not only throughout the country, but also across the West African sub-region. As a result, preachings and teachings at the place are carried out in English and French, besides local languages to favour foreign congregants.

According to the leader and founder of the church, Prophet Samuel Koffie (Koffie Sammy) also known as “The only Prophet in the moon”, the church does not forcibly take collections (money) from members, does not do “Kofi ne Ama” or special contributions.

He maintained that this is how Jesus did his work, and admonished Christians to do same. “It was gotten free, and should be given free,” he pointed out that those who brought various amounts to the church, did so from their own free will, without them being forced. Prof. Koffie Sammy made this known during testimony time at the church last Wednesday, August 14, 2018.

He urged other congregants, who had not come to give testimonies not to worry as their time would come, provided they remained firm in their beliefs.

Prof. Koffie intimated that when testimonies come like this, they go a long way to glory God, who had so endowed him, stressing that it reminds him of the first time God spoke to him, promising that He would use him to do many things.

He pointed out that in the church, they eat, drink, bath and breathe testimony to the glory of God. The Prophet is also endowed with a powerful miraculous dust, which does many things for his members who come testifying profusely to its (dust’s) miraculous prowess. Members also testify greatly to blessed handkerchiefs by the Prophet.

It has thus been gathered, and in fact, it is an open secret that at Dr. Jesus Prayer Camp Ministry International, mind-bugling testimonies abound, ranging from Prayer and request sessions through the miraculous dust to blessed handkerchiefs.

Money for Miracles

Of late, it has become a common knowledge and practice in many Ghanaian churches that congregants pay huge sums of money in order to facilitate and hasten through miraculous healing, answers to prayer requests, and many more.

However, at Dr. Jesus Prayer Camp Ministry, these practices are non-existent, yet testimonies of al manner abound, as enthusiastic testifiers, with alacrity come testifying to the glory of God, while shouting the church slogan.

“Dr. Jesus! Worentumi ntaaki!! Wotaaki a, wonamu be bu pain!!! To wit with Dr. Jesus, you cannot tackle (as in football). For, if you dare, you will get a fractured leg.

Source: S.O Ankamah


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