Drama unfolds in Wassa Fiase Chieftancy Dispute

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… As Osagyefo Dr. Kwamena Enimil V runs to Odeneho Akrofa Krukoto II for Clemency?

In what observers see as unbelievable, Osagyefo Dr. Kwamena Enimil V, a onetime claimant to the Wassa Fiase Paramountcy in the Western Region, last Saturday, January 6, 2018, run to the Royal Palace at Benso to meet with his uncle, Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko II, for what appeared to be a clemency.

His actual mission was not immediately known, but it was believed that he went to wish the uncle a happy new year. This followed a protracted period of bad blood between the two antagonists over the paramountcy, spanning the year 2000 till that fateful Saturday when the two met face-to-face.

Amidst fear, anxiety and confusion, Osagyefo’s team that included his queen mother, Abena Konadjoa, his Abusuapanyini, Martin Norcen Sachie and Philomina Opong (Mama) stormed the Royal Palace around 11:00am to have their mission accomplished.

However, they vowed not do that one without conditions. Subsequently Osagyefo’s team demanded that the meeting should comprise only pure family members. As a result, Odeneho’s right hand men like his chief’s linguist, Okyeame Arhin, his Gyaasehene, Nana Kwabena Mensah III, his Mahwirehene and many others who were with him (Odeneho) were excused before the meeting took place.

According to our intelligence reports, Osagyefo’s group’s entry into the meeting was not without some level of confusion. Finally when he came face-to-face with Odeneho, we gathered that Odeneho on two occasions asked him, ‘who are you?”, and he was reported to have replied, “I am Yaw Ofori” (the maiden name of Osagyefo).

Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko II
Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko II

Odeneho was reported to have told Osagyefo that, that was the first time in many years he was meeting him face-to-face. He was also said to have declared that he bore no one a grudge and that anyone who had anything worthy of discussion should set the ball rolling .

However, no one came up with any such issue. As such, the real mission of Osagyefo and his team was immediately not made known at that meeting, except to wish his uncle a happy new year and good tidings for the year.

Observers however believe that since “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” this could be a fine beginning of good tidings for the royal family this year. According to Odeneho, he opened his door to Osagyefo and his group to prove a case that he bears nobody a grudge, the raw deal given him notwithstanding.

“I do not regard what has transpired between us over the years as any serious incident in my life,” he stressed.

Odeneho subsequently called for unity among the entire family, since according to him, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”.


Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko II was sworn in as Paramount Chief of the Wassa Fiase Traditional Area on June 24, 1994, and on March 3, 1995, the so-called kingmakers saddled him with a number of cases including one on contempt of court which saw him incarcerated for two weeks through the schemes of his detractors.

However, he fought that custodial sentence in Court and that sentence was squashed by the Appeals Court on the grounds that the sentence was not proper before the Law.

Yet, because of corruption, his detractors managed to bring another case against him at the Appeals Court, which ended in their favour. “This was the time billions of Cedis were coming to the stool by way of royalties,” he lamented.

Unperturbed, Odeneho fought that case in the Supreme Court, where once more his custodial sentence was nullified and squashed.

All the same, his detractors disregarded all these rulings, took off their regard for him as a chief and went ahead to enstool Rev. Chico Morgan (Yaw Ofori) his nephew who was an Anglican Bishop as Osagyefo Kwamena Enimil V, who also doubled as the President of the Western Regional House of Chiefs for 13 consecutive years, though his enstoolment and subsequent gazetting was questionable. This was in April 2001 to April 19, 2005.


The so-called kingmakers, championed by Kwandoh Brompong, Adumbanso sub-divisional chief and Bonkumhene of the Traditional Area and Kwadu Kyerefo, chief of Sekyere Heman who alternated as Acting Presidents of the Wassa Fiase Traditional Council have now taken off their regard for Odeneho as a chief.

Not happy with this development, Osagyefo contested the issue in Court, where an injunction was slammed on him regarding his enstoolment.

This situation further opened the floodgates for a third party to lay claim to the stool (Paramountcy). According to observers with all his hope and ambitions shattered from the stool, and not being able to withstand the idea of a third party, believed to be strangers all together coming for the stool, Osagyefo has now come to the realization the need to patch up and to iron out any differences with his uncle so as to secure the stool for their lineage.

Stay tuned for more “filla” as the drama unfolds.

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