DYMOG Supports planned demo by ‘Certifcateless’ Polytechnic /Technical University ‘Graduates’

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The Dynamic Youth Movement of Ghana (DYMOG) has declared support for the impending demonstration as planned by the Polytechnic/Technical University Students, slated for Tuesday September 5, 2017.

The demonstration seeks to pressurize the government to put in place a governing council for the various tertiary institutions so as to enable the 2015/2016 batch of students to graduate. The absence of the governing councils have caused the students to be stranded because they are “certificateless”.

In a released issued on Monday, September 4, 2017 signed by the Convener of DYMOG, Mr Edward Tuttor, the Movement noted that it stands in firm solidarity with the 2015/2016 level 300 students who have completed but have not graduated for over a year now.

The Group called on its members Nationwide to partake in the planned demonstration as a true sign of solidarity with the stranded students.

In the view of DYMOG, the ordeal of the students is an act of injustice being perpetuated by the current government hence the support to the planned demonstration.

Below is the full statement:



 The Leadership and entire membership of the Dynamic Youth Movement of Ghana (DYMOG), wishes to make public our decision to declare our unflinching support to the innocent but victimized Polytechnic/Technical University Students.

This firm decision stems from the unfair treatment being meted out to a section of the Ghanaian Youth as a result of Government’s failure to constitute the Governing Councils of these Tertiary Institutions. The absence of these Councils is making it impossible for the 2015/2016 completed Students to graduate and have their certificates, over one year of completing school.

Fellow Ghanaians, it is highly unthinkable that in a dispensation where Youth unemployment is skyrocketing, it is enormously shocking that, Government is propounding the canker that is fast depleting the hope of the Ghanaian Youth.

Already, a vast majority of graduates with certificates are still wallowing in unemployment and economic hardship. Furthermore, economic conditions are not conducive enough to support startups, and existing businesses are struggling to survive. After Government sadly registering its inability to create jobs for the unemployed Youth of our Nation, the least it can do is to give these graduates their certificates so they can look for jobs on their own.

With eight months in office, what prevents Government from constituting the Governing Councils of the various Polytechnics/Technical Universities? This occurrence is administratively bizarre and exposes Government’s insensitivity to the plights of the Ghanaian Youth. This is gross injustice.

The consequences of Government’s inability to give the students their certificates are heart breaking. Aside their inability to seek jobs, they cannot also further their education. Worse of all, the 2016/2017-year group are also few months away from completing their three year studies. Does this frustrating and suffocating fate await them too?

DYMOG by this statement is calling on all its members Nationwide and the teeming Youth of Ghana to come out in their numbers and join this demonstration.

DYMOG also wants to assure the innocent but victimized students that, we are solidly behind them and we shall unrelentingly stand with them until justice is served in this matter.

Thank you.

Edward Tuttor

Convener for DYMOG

Mobile: 0243402814

E-mail: ejsparrows@gmail.com


Issued:  Monday, 4th September, 2017.

Accra, Ghana.

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