Is it too early to criticize the Akufo-Addo led administration? (Pt 1)

“We’ve been here for six months- we didn’t meet money in the coffers. We met debt and debts”  This was a tatement made by the President at Tarkwa in the Western Region to justify why his critics must keep quiet. He also said, critics of his government speak as though he has been in power for more than five years. No one is good at everything
and few are great in first time they try something. “More room for improvement” is a common remark teachers write on our exams papers.

The best way to grow is to take constrictive criticism from people who have the skills and know- how that you’re lacking. All you must do, is separating the constructive from the unconstructive and separatingyour self worth from the object of the constructive criticism. This was the disposition Prof Mills and John Mahama, assumed, when Nana
Akufo-Addo and his party criticised their governments constantly on different platforms. Let me remind my uncle some of the statements he made in opposition “The Professor who is in charge of our affairs, President Mills is now
known as ‘President Do Little’ and it is important that all of us work together to make sure that Ghana has the
sort of government that the people of Ghana deserve,” This was what Nana Addo, told Mills few months after the later has taken over government machinery. This was another statement he made “For the physicians who are quick to describe Ghana as a sick patient, our message to them is that the patient is impatient for a cure.
Pure and simple!” He demanded for immediate solution to the problems Mills inherited.

This was what Nana said when he inaugurated the Thunder Newspaper “Thunder, strike like lightening to expose corruption wherever your searchlight shines on one. Let this thunder strike against all things that retard our nation’s progress.” And I am sure, Nana hasn’t forgotten this famous statement he made few months after the 2008 elections

“…The Professor who is in charge of our affairs,President Mills is now known as ‘President Do Little’ and it is important that all of us work together to make sure that Ghana has the sort of government that the people of Ghana

Apart from the main actors on the political stage attacking the Mills/Mahama administration, we heard some persons including some pastors pour fire and brimstone on them. These voices have suddenly gone silent and see nothing wrong with wrongs core members of the NPP themselves criticise vehemently. Others, poured insults on Ghanaians who criticised the regime. Rev Prof Martey described critics of the Akufo-Addo government as unwise and this was what Prof Adei, who was one of the ardent critics of the Mahama administration, said “if you speak too early, you’ll prove yourself to be a fool because you don’t know the directions. We just pray and hope that things will be better,”. But I must also commend few voices who criticised the Mills/Mahama administrations, and still criticising
this administration constructively.

Before I proceed, let me respectfully ask uncle and others who think it is too early to criticise the administration, these questions-

Is it too early to criticise sale of contaminated fuel to unlicensed oil marketing companies? Is it too early to criticise issuing of bond by a finance minister, his wife, cronies to their business partners in the name of the republic? Is it too early to criticise use of vigilante groups to terrorise judges? Is it too early to criticise beating of a police officer at the flagstaff house? Is it too early to criticise attempts to use our heritage fund for the free SHS? Is it too early to criticise vigilante groups nefarious activities which led to the death of school children at the Kintampo waterfall? Is it too
early to criticise insults rained on disporans by a minister? Is it too early to criticise wanton seizure of peoples properties in the name of regime change? Is it too early to criticise information that 800 new oil marketing companies have been formed by npp stalwarts few months into office? Is it too early to criticise sale of fertilizer to
farmers? Is it too early to criticise use of state agencies to cover crimes committed by appointees of government? Is it wrong to question government why it is reneging on its promises? It is too early to criticise use of billions of cedis on unnecessary seminars and anniversaries


No government since since independent inherited wealth to complete all the plans they outlined. Mills inherited a very weak economy, we had to sell Ghana Telecom to pay salary of workers, ToR and GCB were placed on the divestiture list, Wireko Brobbey told us he financed Ghana@50 from his own “Pocket”. Mahama inherited the single spine salary scheme system.He expanded the NHIS, built many schools, hospitals, extended electricity, built new roads, expanded our ports, massive development in the ICT sector, offered financial support to some pharmaceutical companies, added more megawatts of power to what he inherited etc. These projects were not implemented from monies he inherited from Rawlings, Kufour or Mills. Saudi Arabia, recently cancelled bonus payments for state employees and cut ministers’ salaries by 20% . it is the biggest Arab economy and had supported its citizens through introduction of many subsidies but recently, it said past governments spent billions of dollars on state wage increases and that policy was making private sector job unattractive and exerting undue pressure on the economy. The present administration has made it clear that the era of huge wages is over and has firmly, reduced public sector wage bill to 40%. The Saudi government has also cut substantially, funds that go into education.

Theresa May, has targeted technical education, Trump is focusing on the charter schools idea and has cut down the budget for education. Here, the Akufo-Addo government is still struggling with his free SHS policy. Government has reintroduced payment of allowance to trainees in our teaching and nursing schools. It scrapped the students’ loan scheme, and replaced it with the allowance, and now introducing the quota system which is going to deny many qualified SSS graduates the opportunity of entering our nursing and teaching colleges. Government, appeasing its business friends, has removed and reduced some strategic taxes. This populist decision is affecting revenue generation. The tax collection system is already porous affecting government’s revenue generation. So the
government finds itself in this quagmire, less revenue, high recurrent and capital expenditure in an import dependent economy.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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