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As a women movement within the NDC Party, we want to first of all take this opportune moment to congratulate all aspirants who went through the constituency vetting successfully and are busily campaigning. We say congrats!

Our consciousness as a party concerning recapturing of power from this incompetent, corrupt, deceitful, pretenders, family and friends government come 2020 to enable the National Democratic Congress the mandate to continue its developmental agenda must start with the election of competent, assiduous and dyed-in-the-wool people to manage the affairs of the opposition National Democratic Congress at all constituencies in the Volta Region and throughout the entire country.

Looking at the current happenings within our party, it is an undeniable fact that, the National Democratic Congress can only continue to have solid pillars and structures when efforts are taken to make sure its foundation is strategically constructed.

In the expedition to build a solid foundation to depict the preamble of the party’s constitution thus ‘BELIEVE in THE DESTINY OF Ghanaians to build a society which realizes truly human values based on the full mobilization of the talents and energies of our people and the sustainable development of the resources with which nature has generously endowed us’

It is very prudent for branch executives to elect competent and dedicated people as constituency executives to manage the dealings of the party by providing effective leadership over the various branches under them and thereby making the party poised for the task ahead come 2020 which will not be an easy at all.

People who are abreast with the constitutional provisions of the party and are prepared to abide by it making sure that, the right things are done.

People who will be ready welcome ideas from the grassroots and are truly ready to work with all manner of persons.

The ‘branch’ according to Article 12C of the NDC Constitution is the basic unit of the party and the branch executives according to Article 13(a, b and c) are supposed to discuss strategies for recruiting membership, ensuring party support and voter turnout at all national polls and ensuring high the party remains sensitive to the grass root concerns of the community that the party exists to serve.

Unfortunately, these functions as enshrined in the party’s constitution were not been performed as expected by the branches due to poor leadership and refusal of the constituency executives to give the branches the needed attention they deserved. This also highly contributed to our defeat in the 2016 election because our base was porous and lame.

The branches should not only be valued during primaries to elect MP’s and during another election year and will have to be on the fence for a while. No, this should be a thing of the past and hence the need to elect very dedicated people as constituency executives to enable them change the situation for the betterment of the party at the grassroots.

It is sad to note that, majority of our branch executives have never set their eyes on our party’s constitution and the question is, how are they expected to work in order to meet the aims and objectives of the party?

The new crop of constituency executives should make it a sacred duty to make sure at least each branch is given a copy of our party’s constitution

This time round, things must change because the world is changing. We must also adapt thereby discarding some of our old ways of doing things that never helped our party.

If proficient and assiduous people that are abreast with the constitutional provisions of the party and are poised towards victory 2020 are elected to be in charge of affairs at the constituency levels across the country, then the visibility of the party at the respective communities can be largely felt because they will monitor the branch executives to enable them deliver to meet expectations of the party.

The implication is that, when these competent and hardworking people who are abreast with issues concerning politics in Ghana are elected as our constituency executives, then they will also go out there to elect regional executives they believe can help Volta region function very well in order to increase our votes come 2020 and not people who will get there to serve their selfish interest and that of their families and friends.

This we believe will continue in the same approach to make sure very dedicated, experience, skillful and politically knowledgeable people are elected as our next crop of national executives.

Looking at it from the analogy of a football team, the branch executives are the Goal keepers, the constituency executives are the defenders, the regional executives are the mid-fielders and the national executives are the strikers, with the above, it will make this corruption led government by Nana Addo to start packing their belongings ahead of the 2020 election.

The upcoming constituency election should be given the needed attention it deserves, so that, as a party we will have more people on board to campaign for us and make sure people vote for the party in the next general elections.

We strongly believe when all the above are strictly followed come 2020, the New Patriotic Party will have the greatest defeat ever in the history of this country.

We will not be fair, if we do not stop here to enable us congratulate the organizers of the just ended Unity Walk at Aflao. To them, we say ayekoooooo and to all those who made it a success especially our teeming supporters who came out in great numbers.

To HE Former President Mahama, we say keep it up and that, we are still solidly behind you as others are doing.

As the adage goes ‘hard training easy battle’. Let us all as party people put our differences aside and work assiduously to bring back NDC come 2020. NPP should be our focus.



Madam Victoria Hlovor

Patience Aku Dedume

Martha Gato Lagble

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