Explore the phenomenal Social Innovations Shortlisted for Nestle’s 2018 Global CSV Prize

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All eyes will be on Africa if any of the innovations coming from Central West Africa, particularly Ghana make it to the upcoming Nestle 2018 CSV forum in Brazil. There, a sole winner will be announced out of 5 finalists, and will receive prizes totalling CHF,500,000 to help develop the chosen CSV initiative.

So far, 56 applicants have been shortlisted into the semi-final stage.

One of the projects, Scaling Farmerline’s 399 services, aims to improve rural development by connecting farmers to financial services, information and quality input to increase their yield and income.

Similarly, Ignite Tropical Weather Forecasting is a project that is helping to send highly accurate 48 hour forecasts to small scale farmers daily, via SMS, thus helping them reduce loss and increase yield.

On the other hand, Saha Global, which is classified under the Water category helps set up entrepreneurial local women in hard to reach villages in businesses that provide clean and affordable water.

More on the shortlisted semi-final applications and CSV initiatives put forward by participants across the globe can be read here.

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