‘Fake Ghanaian Journalists’ deported from Australia

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The Government of Ghana has stated that it would probe the deportation of some Ghanaians from Australia who claimed to be journalists for the commonwealth games.

At least 50 Ghanaians who were in Australia for the upcoming commonwealth games which starts Wednesday April 4, are being deported.

According to Australian authorities, they are not convinced by their reasons for traveling to the country although those affected claim to be Journalists.

Even though those deported had genuine visas, many didn’t carry equipment like recorders and recommended mobile phones for coverage.

Speaking to Starr News, Deputy Sports Minister Pious Enam Hadzide said Australian authorities are not sure the Ghanaians will return after the games.

“The explanation is that a grant of visa or entry permit is not automatic and that at the point of entry, the Australian authorities do some further investigations and so based on those investigations some of the officials are not convinced that some of the Ghanaians who purport to go and cover the commonwealth games intend to return to Ghana after the games.”

Mr. Hadzide added that government did not facilitate the travel arrangements of the Ghanaians who are being deported.

Source: Starrfmonline.com

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