Fans mock Neymar for diving antics

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may have scored for Brazil in their 2-0 victory over Mexico but it was his theatrics that got everyone talking during the last-16 World Cup clash. 

But football fans have flocked to social media to direct their anger and embarrassment towards the player for his theatrics, with Gary Lineker leading the charge.

The former England international, now pundit, wrote on Twitter: ‘Neymar has the lowest pain threshold of any player in World Cups since Opta stats began.’

Another social media user, @Scienceofsport, posted a video of the incident, alongside the caption: ‘Come on, man. How do you even show your face in public when acting like this?’

However, the social media anger didn’t stop there. Someone else amusingly claimed the Paris Saint-Germain star should have entered a ‘Seal on Dry Land Imitation Contest’.

The 26-year-old was compared to that ‘little sibling that you barely touch and immediately falls on the floor and pretends to be dying’.


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