Fear and Panic hit GNFS over ‘juju’ scare

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Personnel at the Tema Region Branch of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) were shocked to the marrow with fear and panic when items believed to be occultic in nature were spotted at the compound of the service recently.

According to our information, these items were found by a retired officer of the service, Madam Dora Harriet Dodoo, while sweeping the place, where she keeps her animals on Sunday, September 8 2018.

Shocked by this discovery she allegedly drew the attention of some personnel who suggested that they should be kept and shown to management, come Monday, September 9.

These items comprised a rectangular figure with Seran candles on it, with writings in red pen on it. Also there was yet another one in a round white polythene beg with a black one containing a black polythene one with occultic items in them.

Our information has it that among the writing on the rectangular figure were, “I want to be powerful, influential and rich. I want to reach the top and that when I speak no one else can alter a word”.

These items, we gathered, were kept intact and on Monday September 9 when the attention of the Regional Fire Officer, Madam Francaise Rockson and his Deputy, Mr. T.O. Affum was drown to these item, they asked that they should be burnt.

According to the grief-stricken personnel, they were shocked at this decision, taking into consideration the numerous mystery deaths that had taken place at the service of late. They felt that expert specialists should have been iinvolved before their alleged destruction, but that was not the case, they lamented.

The fire service has of late been bedeviled with mystery deaths. About 60 personnel of the service are believed to have died since the beginning of the year with many more still ill, a situation the personnel attributed to occultism.

However, Management has ruled it out, describing it as baseless and unfounded.

According to Mr. Ellis Robinson Ekoh of the Public Relations Department of the service, this claim was not scientific. What is more the cause of death for the deceased was not same, and with the population of over 7,000, age distribution and other factors have contributed greatly to these deaths.

He also blamed personnel of not going for regular health check-up hence this phenomenon. He charged personnel to go for regular medical check-up to avoid such misfortunes. Meanwhile, GNFS from August 22-24 2018, held prayer sessions throughout the country to ward off perceived evil spirits that had bedeviled the service resulting in these mystery deaths.

This was when the issue of mystery deaths popped up at the place in mid-2018, following a letter written by the internal pastor of the service to all stations throughout the country to hold these prayer sessions to ward off this perceived phenomenon.

When the Regional Fire Officer (RFO) Ms Rockon and her 21C, Mr. T.O. Affum were contacted, they denied knowledge of such ocultic items.

According to them their attention had never been drawn to such an incident. Subsequently they could neither confirm nor deny the claim. What is more, that Monday in question, the RFO was not in office, let alone being informed of these so-called items, setting eyes on them and calling for their destruction.

They maintained that the yard used to be an old cemetery. As such when they are doing excavations they can come across skulls of previously burned persons. Also ID cards of some ex-soldiers could also be found intact because of the lamination of these cards.

Not even pictures of these items shown them and also their attention drawn to the fact that these were recently found items would convince them. They also saw the supposed candles on the rectangular figure as pieces of cigarette.

On the alleged nationwide prayers held in the service in August, the officers confirmed it, but refused to attribute it to alleged occultism at the place. They argued that it was a call on God to intervene in the numerous deaths occurring at the place but even then, it could also be attributed to staffs failure to go for regular medical check-ups.

With regard to alleged writing in red pen on the purported rectangular ocultic item, the officers indicated that in Africa and Ghana in particular, it was a common place for people to believe in occultism hence that so-called writing.

However, if anyone wanted to reach the top at the place, it was only proper for him to better himself instead of resorting to occultism as the claim was. They were also quick to point out that the press should highlight on problems at the service that hindered productivity and not such “huhudious” stories.

Ellis Robinson Ekoh
Ellis Robinson Ekoh

Source: S.O. Ankamah


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