Fight against Landguards in Accra is a Hoax – Nii Oblie

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Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, Oblieman Mantse who also doubles as Acting Paramount Chief of Abola Pian Wԑ, of the Ga State has described the fight against land-guards by the Police as a hoax.

Nii Oblie alleged in an interview with The Republic that the Police connived with land-guards to snatch peoples’ lands and later pretend they are fighting them (land-guards).

He doubt if the acclaimed fight against the land-guards by the police to reduce land-guards incidence in the county is real, due to the continuous attack by land-guards in and around Oblieman and its adjoining communities through to Sapeiman in the Ga West Municipality.

Nii Oblie alleged one Baba Amando, “chief land-guard, uses the police to snatch lands from people and attack families for their lands in many areas including Sapeiman and its environs.

Baba Amando/Staff, Claimed He’s Nii Okanfra, “Sapeiman Development Chief".
Baba Amando (Staff), claims he’s Nii Okanfra, “Sapeiman Development Chief”.

The Acting Paramount Chief of Abola Pian Wԑ/Nii Obie alleged Baba Amando, who claims to have support from people in government, also goes round with the name of one Emmanuel Nii Dodoo to snatch peoples’ lands and register them with the help of the Lands Commission.

According to him, Baba Amando aka Staff claimed he is Estate Developer with Sisamba Empire as his company; and wherever he goes with his men (land-guards) to snatch lands people are killed or injured.

In view of this, Nii Oblie doubts if the Police are really fighting land-guards in the country. He appealed to the government to do something to ensure that the fight the police is sending to landguards is not a hoax, but for peace to return to the land owners and residents.

Source: Delali A. Awuyeh



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