Filth swallows Ayawaso East Assembly

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In spite of the government’s effort to rid the capital city of Ghana of filth to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa, there is a gradual return of heaps of garbage within the Accra Metropolis, a major challenge to residents of the Greater Accra Region.

Some areas in the city have surprisingly been engulfed with filth, creating pungent smells and flies which is a recipe for the outbreak of serious ailments.

At the Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly premises for example, the place is inundated with plastic waste, decayed foods and choked gutters. The seriousness of the issue is that, food vendors sell by the filth to the public, a situation which easily lays the foundation for cholera outbreak and other commons diseases, as the Municipal Assembly with its Chief Executive sit unconcerned about the development.a

In an interview with our roving reporter, Paul Mamattah, on conditions of anonymity, one lady at Nima lamented how the Municipal Assembly is unconcerned about the mountain of garbage and stench emanating from it. She said the place is a major route which NADMO officials even use to their offices.

She stated that the place has become a breeding ground for mice and flies as they have been living with the situation for months.

She lamented the fact that, no effort had been made by the Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly to address the situation permanently to save the residents from filth related ailments.

Source: Paul Mamattah

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