Foh-Amoaning urges Akufo-Addo to respond to Theresa May’s Gay request

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Anti-gay campaigner and senior law lecturer at the Ghana School of Law, Moses Foh-Amoaning, has appealed to government to respond to Britain’s proposal to support any Commonwealth nation including Ghana to legalise homosexuality.

This follows pronouncements by British Prime Minister, Theresa May, while addressing the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in London that her government is ready to support any Commonwealth country that wants to rewrite their laws to accommodate gays.

The Prime Minister drew cheers and applause when she told delegates that “nobody should face discrimination or persecution because of who they are or who they love”.

But Mr Foh-Amoaning thinks otherwise.

Speaking to Class News in reaction to Mrs May’s comment on Tuesday, 17 April 2018, he called on the United Kingdom to also legalise polygamy if they believe criminalising homosexuality is discriminatory.

Mr Foh-Amoaning also appealed to government to reject this proposal as it only seeks to shove what he calls the “UK’s degenerate moral values” down the throat of Ghanaians.

He said: “Sorry Mrs May, you don’t like polygamy, you have criminalised that in your country, you don’t say that is discriminatory but when we criminalise what you don’t like then you say it is inequality. There’s no scientific basis to it and it is representative of their degenerate moral values. Thankfully, the president himself said he doesn’t think there is sufficient coalition of Ghanaian opinion to support the behaviour.

“I think the height of Prof Mills’ presidency is when he responded forcefully to the former UK Prime Minister when he spoke in the same vein that Theresa May is speaking. Now I’m hoping that our president who is charismatic and effective in his delivery will also respond for Africa.”

Meanwhile, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo when he had the opportunity to state Ghana’s stance on homosexuality in an interview with Qatar-based Al Jazeera noted that even though the legalisation of homosexuality is not a matter “on the agenda”, it is “bound to happen” sometime in the future.


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