Forum asks Lawmakers to do more

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Parliamentarians have been asked to be proactive in putting the concerns of their constituents before the House and ensure that the discussion of such matters are put on the parliamentary website for easy access to daily discussions in Parliament. This was stated in a contribution during the 4th Crystal Ball Series – a one day round table talk and discussion held on Monday 29, January, 2018.

In attendance were civil society groups, Students from the University of Ghana, Members of Parliament, the media and other interest groups. It was organized by Parliamentary News Africa (PN Africa) and the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana).

Highlights of the agenda included an assessment of Parliament by selected presenters and contributors.

Concerns were raised about the long delays in passing Bills.

An assessment of the present Parliament for the past one year revealed that attendance was fairly good. Many had also called for the passing of the Right to Information Bill into law.

Constraints such as other activities outside parliament, committee meetings, and ministerial duties had largely accounted for the long absence of some ministers from the House from time to time. The general public was therefore called upon to demand accountability by keeping parliamentarians on their toes.

Source: John Kumado


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