Foundation pushes for a Statue in honour of Tetteh Quarshie

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The Executive and Management of the Tetteh Quarshie Heritage Fund have asked for a more recognized means of honoring the memory of the late Tetteh Quarshie who is credited with bringing Cocoa to Ghana from Fernandopo.

The fund has been established as a memorial with the objective of raising funds through legitimate means to protect the image of the late Tetteh Quarshie and keep it relevant as an honour for giving Ghana a product that has eventually become the country’s economic redeemer.

Descendants of Tetteh Quarshie who are playing active roles in this agenda are of the view that despite naming a hospital and the biggest roundable in West Africa after Tetteh Quarshie it is not enough, considering what Tetteh Quarshie stood for and all the sacrifices he did for the then Gold Coast now Ghana.

“What is at this roundabout or that hospital that makes you remember the memory of Tetteh Quarshie apart from the name that is on it. We need more than just the name, there must be something more significant, like a statue,” stated Francis Opare Tetteh, who is the Executive Secretary to the Fund.

He was speaking with on May 1, 2018, during a clean-up exercise at the Tetteh Quarshie roundabout in Accra. It was organized by the Fund as one of their ways of maintaining the name “Tetteh Quarshie” and protecting the few legacies named after him. Participants at the clean-up exercise included Members of the Board of the Fund, Family members of the late Tetteh Quarshie, and some concerned citizens including prominent members as Rev. Dr. Lawranece Tetteh, Leeford Quarshie and the Chief of Shiashi – Nii Tetteh Opremah II.

Members of the family expressed disappointment in the current and previous administrations for not doing enough to honour the memory of their late great grandfather. They said though it is an undeniable fact that, it was their great grandfather who gave Ghana economic freedom, he has not been duly recognized in the scheme of things.

Francis Opari Tetteh told in an exclusively interview that the late Tetteh Quarshie has not been given the needed recognition he deserves.

“A man who gave us economic independence & emancipation and the Big Six (6) who gave Ghana political independence, which of these two groups should have their effigy on our currency” he asked.

He said “the nation has virtually refused to honour Tetteh Quarshie appropriately with even a statue at the Roundabout for his historic role in gifting the country with a major cash crop that has funded nearly every major development in this country.

“I always say that Tetteh Quarshie is the father of our economy, his legacy and honour should not be swept under the carpet, he must be duly recognized. If we didn’t recognize that in the past then it is not too late,” he stated.

Founder and President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Rev. Dr Lawrence Tetteh, who is also the Chairman of the Board of the Fund also joined the call on government to erect a statue in honour of Tetteh Quarshie.

He said a statue of Tetteh Quarshie strategically positioned at the Roundabout will serve as an example for future generations.

The Tetteh Quarshie Heritage Fund
Chief of Shiashie, Nii Tetteh Opremah II assiting members of The Tetteh Quarshie Heritage Fund during the clean-up excercise

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