Funny Face’s Ex-Wife has not spoken to any media house

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It has emerged that, Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim, the former wife of Funny Face – a popular local comedian has not granted interview to any media house; contrary to media reports quoting her to have made claims to the effect that Funny Face is not well endowed and that he is also a poor performer in bed.

In an exclusive interview with, a very close friend of Elizabeth said though she is unhappy with the turn of events, especially with the words her former husband is using to describe her, she has not made any public comments about the issue yet.

“It is not true, disregard any story in the media about her granting an interview about her past relationship. She doesn’t want to talk about her marriage in the media and that is what mature and responsible people do,” she stated.

According to the friend who wants to remain anonymous, the Elizabeth that she knows for over 10 years would never stoop so low to make such public comments. “She is a very disciplined and smart lady and won’t stoop that low. Please it is not true. Tell your media people to stop lying about my friend,” she further stated.

A story on and which is sourced from a certain FN News claimed to have contacted Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim for an interview in which she replied Funny Face with some disparaging remarks. In response, Funny Face has written a comment on his facebook wall again attacking and daring Elizabeth to provide proof of her allegation. He followed it up with a short video which is currently circulating on Whatsapp platforms.

But as it is appearing now, Elizabeth has never granted any interview to any journalist.

In the wake of the discussion on social media, one Romeo Adzah Koku Dowokpor has written a piece on facebook addressing Funny Face’s actions and comments as childish.. Read

The baby of a man called Funny Face.

In the face of so-called revelations against her person in the media when Funny Face broke up with her, Elizabeth has been quiet and never spoken to the media about her marriage with that baby of a man. As usual, she was taken to the cleaners by all manner of characters. I felt her pain.

After years of their break up, Funny Face was in the news again just last week ridiculing her and said all manner of unprintable stuff. I felt like puking when l heard him speak so childishly about his past marriage in the media with no respect for her. Perhaps, he thought he was doing comedy. Poor him. He painted an angelic picture of himself. Provided all that he accused his wife of were true, was he totally faithful to his wife while they were married? How clean was he?

To say that he married Lizzy because of her physical endowments tells a lot about the character Funny Face. In the face of all this provocation, her ex-wife remained quiet out of respect for their marriage and to also show maturity.

What is my beef? A friend shared a quote attributed to Lizzy this morning on Whatsapp where she was alleged to have said their marriage didn’t work because Funny Face didn’t satisfy her well and could only last for two minutes. I challenged him and said it was a lie. When asked for a proof, he shared a story carried by (owned by Happy FM) to back his claims . I insisted it was not true.

Apparently the same story was carried by but the wording was changed. What is strange and funny in all this is that the story was sourced from FN News which Elizabeth was supposed to have granted an interview to on the issue.

Where is FN News? Ever heard of them before? Did the reasons Elizabeth was supposed to have given for the breakup of her marriage to the so-called FN News even make sense? Is Lizzy that dumb? She did not get any proper media house to grant an interview to if indeed she wanted to set the records straight?

What checks did Kasapaonline and happyghana do to verify the veracity or otherwise of the story from the so-called FN News?

As usual, my people are gleefully sharing this story on social media without subjecting it to any critical analysis? Why do l even blame them when that baby of man, Funny Face, keeps on loosely talking about his past marriage? People must learn to shut up and respect their past partners and relationships and keep whatever transpired in their relationships to themselves and perhaps some confidants provided it is not any physical abuse or criminal offense committed against them.




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