GACC condemns Suspension of EOCO Director

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The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC), has condemned the suspension of the Eastern regional director of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO), Fred Dzeny, over his comment on corruption in government.

According to the Coalition, nothing in the statement of Dzeny should cause the director’s suspension.

This was made by Samuel Harrison-Cudjoe, a research officer at the Coalition in an interview with Ahomka FM’s midday news anchor, Kojo Ata Kakrah Abrowah, on Tuesday.

“Master, I have listened to the full audio, it’s about 3minutes and some seconds, and there is nothing wrong in the statement he made that should cause his dismissal or suspension…… in fact it is a wrong move taken by EOCO…….what he said was that if the country wants to fight corruption, government should start from his own by dealing with any of its members found culpable of any corrupt activity in order to serve as deterrent to others….. and he even went ahead to urge government to resource agencies like the police and EOCO in order to strengthen them to fight corruption in the country.

“He moreover cleared that it is not only the politicians that engage in corrupt activities but also the public servants and the civil servants…. so my brother should this statement call for someone’s suspension?”, Harrison-Cudjoe queried.

Suspension to deter others

Harrison-Cudjoe revealed further that the suspension of the director may deter others from speaking on corruption issues “because the person might think that if he/ she talks, no matter how harmless his or her statement become, he or she may be suspended and nobody would want to lose his her job…….so I think this is not good, especially at the time we are all trying to fight corruption so I urge them, EOCO, that they should rescind on their move”.

Source: Kojo Ata Kakrah Abrowah || Ahomka FM ||

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