Garages owners in Ashanti Region to fight indiscipline

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The Ashanti Regional chapter of the Ghana National Association of Garages (GNAG) has expressed worry over the growing indiscipline at the Suame Magazine industrial hub, and has issued a two-week ultimatum to crack down on people who operate in the middle of the roads. Nana Osei Bonsu, Ashanti Regional Chairman of GNAG, at a news conference in Kumasi, bemoaned that all roads in the auto mechanic hub have been blocked by shop owners and mechanics, in the name of business.

He lamented: “Today, if one drives to Magazine, one is bound to spend more than half an hour in traffic before one gets to the hub. The roads have been blocked, thus depriving the artisans from repairing cars to eke out a living, because the cars cannot come to the place in the first place.”

According to Nana Bonsu, the GNAG, as a body, has drawn the attention of the Chief Executive Officer of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi, to the worrying situation at Suame Magazine.

Nana Bonsu explained that some shop owners have been arranging their wares on the pavements, which are meant for pedestrians, hence, people have to walk on the roads at the risk of their lives.

“This act of indiscipline has affected the growth of business in magazine, making business rather slow,” he noted.

The Ashanti Regional GNAG Chairman warned: “Anyone found displaying wares in the middle of the road for sale, loading, and off-loading of items at Suame Magazine in the middle of the road, jacking of vehicles and other activities like pouring of diesel on the roads, which contribute to the deterioration of the roads would not be tolerated.”

Chairman Bonsu disclosed that his union and the KMA had teamed up to clamp down on artisans who operate in the middle of roads, with big engines, axles and the likes.

He stated: “We have given artisans a two-week ultimatum to stop this act of indiscipline,” after which period, he said, the GNAG and KMA will join forces and clamp down on any such unauthorised activities at Suame Magazine, which is punishable by seizure and fines.

Source: Richard Owusu-Akyaw || The Chronicle, Kumasi


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