“GBA, don’t discriminate Against Us”- Irate Chorkor Youth

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Some irate supporters of the WBO Africa title Isaac Sackey has cautioned the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) not to discriminate against their boxer because he is from Chorkor.

The irate youth took to the streets to chant war songs as a way of venting their frustration. They explained that the referee denied their boxer colleague, Isaac Sackey, the opportunity to defend his WBO Africa title in a bout against Wasiru Mohammed.

In their allegations, they admitted Sackey was knocked down by Wasiru yet he rose as quickly as he had fallen, however,  referee Betin had already waived off the fight even without counting which caused a riot between supporters of the two boxers.

According to the leader of the irate youth, Lee (TV3’s Mentor 5 winner) they have hint that some officials of the GBA have started pressing the management of Isaac Sackey to deliver the WBO title to them to be handed over to Wasiru Mohammed.

Again, he alleged the GBA is making moves to prepare another bout in 7 days which is against the existing rules that govern the boxing sport.

He added they won’t allow GBA to take undue advantage of the defending champion of the WBO Africa title because he is from Chorkor.

All they ask is for the GBA to treat them with respect and not discriminate against them because they come from a deprived community Chorkor.

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