General Overseer of True Faith Evangelical Church forbids members from engaging in partisan politics

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The General Overseer of the True Faith Evangelical Church, Senior Apostle Moses Appah, has forbidden his church members from engaging in partisan politics since according to him, “politics is a dirty game” which is undeserving of the participation of practicing Christians.

Even though the Bishop did not bar the members from exercising their franchise in any elections, he forbids them from engaging in any activity that would portray them as lending their support to one party against the other since according him it is uncharacteristic of a true practicing Christian.

The Senior Apostle made the comments at the Annual Convention of the True Faith Evangelical Church held at Agona Odoben in the Central Region, from December 27 to 31, 2017. The event is held at the end of every year to win souls for Christ and to gather church members as one family at a particular location to wrap up the year’s activities and to usher in the New Year.

During such occasions the members nationwide gather to pray for the nation and share the word of God with the people they come into contact with. This latest convention which was held at the Saint Paul’s Catholic Church School park at Agona Odoben, witnessed about 5,000 members of the church who thronged the town, from about 113 branches in all the ten regions of Ghana.

The message was contained in the sermon the Bishop delivered to the congregation as the special guest of honor of the five day event on the fourth day of their gathering. The extremely large congregation of men and women of faith, gathered at one location adorned in white all apparels from received the word of God from His servant with enthusiasm.

In the sermon Bishop Appah said, “Worshiping God and politics are direct opposites. If you are in a country and you are worshiping God, yours is to pray to God for intercession for the nation. You need to pray for both sides of the parties who are contesting for power rather than pitching your camp with any particular group because as a Christian you are supposed to stand for all. You will be guilty of discrimination and division of the people if you support one side against the other.”

In an exclusive interview with on the sidelines of the event, the Senior Apostle reiterated the fact that Christianity and politics run counter to each other.

“When Jesus Christ came on earth, He didn’t come for only one party. That is why I don’t want my church members to engage in active partisan politics where they will go and throw their weight behind a particular presidential candidate and thereby go ahead to campaign against the other. If you do that, then your worship is not yet complete. When Christ came He said he had come for both the righteous and sinners. He came for all of us to unite us all.

“Christians are supposed to pray for peace during the elections while trusting the Lord for His divine intervention because we know only He selects the appropriate leader for a nation at any particular time. I am not stopping them from voting but I am saying that they should not participate in campaigns for the election of political leaders.”

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