GGDP urges gov’t to assist Small-Scale Miners to operate formally

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Ghana Growth and Development Platform (GGDP) says Government’s corrective action regarding illegal small-scale mining in Ghana must not make it difficult for people to be employed in the sector.

It should rather be easy to earn income and foreign exchange from small-scale mining while promoting the legalization and formalization of operation, protection of the environment and control of bad social effects.

This, the Governance Think-Tank said must be done by strengthening institutions for monitoring and controlling small-scale and ‘galamsey’ activities, enforce guidelines for the protection of the environment and control bad social effects.

Mr. Neenyi Ayirebi-Acquah, the Coordinator of GGDP who launched a policy paper masterminded by GGDP christened “How to Reform Galamsey Sustainably: Reinforcing the Economic Effects of Small-Scale Mining” said the paper is impressing on Government to assist miners to legalize their operations, advise and assist miners to operate formally and professionally, review Ghana’s mineral land concession system and encourage education by Non-Governmental Organizations and advocacy groups, among others.

It also appealed to the government to reinforce employment creation, income generation and foreign exchange earnings and undertake alternative livelihood programs for miners.

Mr. Kwamena Essilfie Adjaye, the Lead Author of GGDP’s policy paper in his delivering said illegal small-scale mining should remained Ghanaian owned and operated with employment being created in the communities, income being earned in the communities and foreign exchange earnings remaining in Ghana and in the communities to finance national and local economic development.

He however said Government must be firm and swift action must be taken to legalize, advice and assist small-scale and galamsey miners to formalize their operations and to control, supervise and monitor their activities in order to prevent environmental degradation.

Government, he, said must urgently direct steps to be taken and alternative livelihood programmes must be implemented in order to reinforce the employment, local income and foreign income earnings effects of small-scale mining and thereby reduce the incentive for illegal small-scale mining activities that destroy the environment.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa        

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